How to log in to Newdex(BSC) Desktop with METAMASK - A GUIDE

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Following the Newdex movement to Binance Chain, this might be a very helpful piece you need to see, when you get to the Newdex Bsc website, you need to connect Binance Smart Chain wallet, this is possible with plugin wallets, either metamask, mathwallet, or Binance chain wallet.

Read on for a guide on connecting through Metamask.

Login Newdex Bsc with Metamask

  • Firstly, Visit the official website for Newdex BSC.
  • Using Metamask on desktop, you have to add Metamask extension to your desktop and make sure you have your Bsc wallet added to your metamask, if not, do the below to add BSc chain to your metamask

MetaMask Settings:

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Network name: BSC
Chain ID: 56
Symbol (optional): BNB
Block browser URL (optional):

After inputting all the necessaries, you can now click save.

  • Proceeding to your connection, Click on Connect on the Newdex BSc page
    You'd get a pop up to use either of the 3 wallets to connect, select metamask


  • Unlock your metamask when the extension pops up, then connect to your preferred Binance Smart Chain Address.

  • Your BSC address will be connected to Newdex BSC after selecting an address to connect to.

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