EasyFi Network Collaborates with Chainlink - Bringing Advance Smart Contract Automation to EasyFi Users.

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From previous news, it's been seen that EasyFi team is doing a lot(positively) in the interest of their users, if you've been following articles here by me, here is another big collaboration from the team.

I am excited to bring you this news that EasyFi is collaborating with chainlink to integrate Chainlink Keeper on Ethereum mainnet to bring advance smart contract automation to their users.

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Chainlink Keepers by Chainlink uses a decentralized off-chain computation to consistently trigger and monitor the function of smart contracts on a defined cadence without depending on an additional layer of trust from a centralized body, team, or entity. It doesn't only execute task-based triggers, it is also able to strengthen the uptime guarantees of critical on-chain functions.


EasyFi has integrated Chainlink Keepers as further security on the EasyFi Network since they are able to run by battle-tested and reliable nodes operators that have already successfully secured around $50 billion dollars for Decentralized Applications.

See important features of Chainlink Keepers:

  • High Uptime - Chainlink Keepers are run by professionals that establish on-chain performance history of high reliability during network congestions and market volatility.

  • Low Cost - Gas-Optimizing features to lower the costs of automating maintenance tasks for users, not excluding a rotating node selection process to prevent gas price war, this in turn stabilize costs.

  • Decentralized Execution - They provide a strong guarantee around secure contract automation through a decentralized transparent pool, saving the team time and mitigating risks around centralized servers.

  • Expandable Computation - They perform off-chain computation and generate call data which are verified by smart contracts, this lets developers build advanced trust-minimized DApps at low cost.

EasyFi will further this integration to enable auto-processing of all smart contracts related to our staking, farming, and Access modules. We also plan to integrate Chainlink Keepers as they expand support to other chains EasyFi operates on, as well as explore automating the core money market contracts of the EasyFi protocol in the future. Source.

EasyFi has gotten a lot to be unfolded for their users.

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