EasyFi Network 2021 Q4 RoadMap - Continuation

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Here is the summary continuation of the EasyFi Network 2021 Q4 Roadmap, where you will see what EasyFi is bringing for its users in the remaining part(months) of 2021.

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Q4 2021 Roadmap

  • Milestone 6 - EasyFi Blend: With EasyFi Blend, EasyFi Network is moving to the next step towards achieving full decentralization through DAO. There would be a series of smart contracts to offer robust governance, reconciliation, smart asset routing, and blending the security, speed, and functionality of the lending protocol.
  • Milestone 7 - EasyFi Staked Derivative Markets: The team is bringing to its users, the long-anticipated dedicated markets for Staked Assets Derivative would be launched on EasyFi Main Protocol. seeing that collateralization of staked asset derivatives unleashes a new paradigm shift in infusing additional liquidity in the Defi space. EasyFi is launching as the first layer 2 lending protocol to bring these new money markets.

  • Milestone 8 - EasyFi Developer's Fund: EasyFi team has dedicated funds for developers to build upon open lending infrastructure for Defi

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