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About the EasyFi Mega staking program, this is a program brought to LIVE with the aim of locking out a good amount of $EZ out of circulation which has been planned to be rewarded with $500,000 $EZ tokens.

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This program will be in the best interest of EZ users, especially those who love to HODL their coins in form of staking for cool returns. Many users today just HODL their coin, they store their coin when they can actually make it work for them, their holdings can earn them more, most of these people might not be aware of how to multiply their earnings, read on to see what your EZ can do for you.

EasyFi Network is launching two exclusive staking programs in this mega staking program, for the EZ and EZ IOU holders, these programs are newly updated with ultra-smooth UI/UX. After the successful audit of the EasyFi Smart Contract and all staking modules, the programs are launched with 2 different options,


About the program

  • Stake EZ to earn EZ
    On the EasyFi Application, there's a designated part where users can stake EZ token to earn EZ, and users have gotten 2 options where they can choose between staking for 90 and 180 days. Users can stake within this period and unstake when they want.

The Estimated APR and time for staking is shown in the image below


Stake EZ(IOU) - Earn EZ

Staking EZ(IOU) also got a designated UI on the EasyFi Application with 2 staking options too, the staking of EZ(IOU) is available for a period of 60 and 90 days, they can also take out their token whenever they want.

See APR in the image below


You can read more about [EasyFi Network]((easyfi.network) in Whitepaper.

Staking your EZ and EZ(IOU) is a good way to make good ROI on your investments do not miss out.

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