Nyadran, Traditional Events in My Village



Hello Everyone!

I feel very happy because this Friday can follow the Nyadran event in my village. Nyadran at my place is held every last Friday Jumadilakhir in the Javanese calendar. Although since childhood I have often followed this tradition, but since marriage this is the second time I have participated in this event. Everyone in the village gathered in the cemetery with Tenong filled with various snacks. Later this food will be eaten together after the completion of the prayer ceremony.

The nyadran in our place is indeed different from other regions. If in the other area Nyadran is only followed by adult men, in our place everyone can participate whether it is children or adults. Both men and women, all flocked to participate in this event. The types of food brought are also different. If in other regions only bring rice and tumpeng, here we bring various types of snacks, both from traditional foods and packaged snacks.

The event started at 7 a.m. with a series of events to remind us of our ancestors, a joint prayer for the safety of the villagers, and ended with the opening of Tenong and a meal together.

Although each family prepares their own Tenong, arriving at the Tenong event venue, we will be exchanged for having another family, and tenong closes should not be opened if the prayer event is not over. So we won't know what food is inside our front tenong dei. To be honest, this tenong is the moment I have been waiting for the most since I was a child, and it has put a lot of delicious food in front of us hahaha.

I hope that in the future this culture will remain and I can follow Nyadran in the following years.

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