My Actifit Report Card: August 8 2023


Hello guys, I'm back with a report on my daily activities with Actifit. It's been a while since my Actifit post, because I just had a leg injury that caused me to have to reduce my activity so I didn't do much activity. But from today I try to return to normal activities, considering that my injury has improved.

Today I start the day with morning prayers, then yoga and meditation. Next are preparations to take my daughter to school. I made sandwiches for lunch, and prepared cereal and milk for my children's breakfast. When I arrived at school, I stopped by the school dekeat stall to buy breakfast for me. I was very surprised because I only had to pay 2 cents for porridge and vegetables doused in peanut sauce and 1 fritter. Wow, it's so cheap, isn't it?

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Daily Activity, Walking, Yoga