RE: Do the reasons for reducing meat consumption matter?


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It's nice to see my re-posting of this article reached you @riverflows and that you found as much value in reading it as I did. Thank you for including me within your comment.

Like you, I too made the decision to go meat free years ago. The first time, I lasted only two months before I cracked and [Cheated?]... That was before any consideration of what the life of an animal, raised for slaughter might be like, along with the ultimate inhumane, killing process.
When that aspect entered the picture, I lost all desire for meat, which lasted two years the second time around.

Since... I hardly ever eat meat (like you) rarely missing it, yet will when my body seems to be calling for it as well. I select only what's labeled as humanely raised, free range and grass fed in those rare moments - which lessens my feelings of guilt.

I probably shouldn't tell you this - being the 'AngryMan' with a reputation to uphold, but while preparing and consuming meat, I kind of thank the spirit of the animal/s through prayer/meditation along with saying I'm sorry for any suffering and pain it might have endured.

I've heard that some American Indians used to practice thankfulness to the land and animals in similar fashion...

Nice to hear from you.