Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend, I join the contest sharing with you my first pet, which was a black cat named Mishi, with green eyes.

In 2013 a neighbor's cat gave birth to several kittens and they were giving them away, my mom gave me permission to adopt one and I chose the black one because nobody wanted it for being that color, I was 12 years old and I remember it as if it was yesterday, they always said that black cats were bad luck, among other things but the truth was that I did not believe it or see it that way, for me it was a living being like the others, I thought it was special, unique, beautiful and the love I had for it was huge.


He was a loyal cat, faithful, great companion, he was my friend, he had brotherhood with my sister's kittens, he played with them, they shared food, he was not quarrelsome, I played with him with a ribbon, he chased it and had a lot of fun, when I went to do my homework he would lie on top of my notebooks, When I went outside near the house he always accompanied me, he liked to hunt, something very normal in cats, since he was little he behaved very well, he didn't make disasters at home, he was quiet, he mostly went out at night, his daily routine was to sleep, eat, do his needs, go out and share with me!




One day he came home with an injured eye, maybe it was a fight with another cat, as his mother I played the role of veterinarian, I cleaned his eye, disinfected it and put some drops to make it better. After a few days he recovered and followed his daily routine, but after a while he came back with the same wound and I repeated the same thing! As I told you before, he liked to hunt and one day he gave me a scare because he had caught a snake and had it on the porch of the house, he gave me a bad feeling hehehehe.



On several occasions he got lost, some of them I found him going out to look for him and calling him all over the urbanization, when I got him it was a respite, relief and happiness for me, other times he disappeared for a day or two and returned alone, he was always very faithful to his home, when he was not there I worried a lot about him to the point of looking for him, but unfortunately the last time I saw him was on May 1, 2015, I remember the date, I came home from school and did not see him, I looked for him and did not find him, days went by and I never heard from him again, it was a very hard blow for me, missing him, not knowing what happened, he was very important to me, he filled me with joy and was part of the family, it was very sad, the conclusion reached is that something happened to him, he got lost or something else. . I always remember him with much affection, how happy he made me, the great loyalty he had, the good little animal he was, winning the hearts of everyone in my home.



I have always thought that a color or a breed does not define the loyalty and love that an animal can have, they are all the same, they feel, you teach them, they love you and they are there for you, making you smile. I have always said no to discrimination, they are not to blame for being the way they are and they know nothing about it, they are innocent, they are just living and waiting to be loved and cared for! CARE, VALUE AND LOVE EVERY ANIMAL, WHETHER IT IS YOUR PET OR NOT! Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it. I enjoyed writing this post, remembering the great pet I had, excellent contest themes @galenkp. Greetings.

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Hello, in particular I can tell you that I was not very fond of animals, until a month ago I adopted a small kitten, very curious and very disastrous, but it makes me laugh and I became very fond of her. I am learning about cats! Greetings.