Day 3 Gym - Swelfie & Pizza Promo Day


So you know how during the first days of a gym membership you kind of have to force yourself to get in the groove? Then come the third or fourth day you wake up sore, but still craving more of that sweet pain. So much so you even put in a few sets before leaving the house.

[Pre-Swim Selfie.]

Well that's me now. Add in the coffee I had taken prior to leaving, I kept going on once in the weight room and then the pool. Might have even gone a tad overboard, word to the male boobies.

Sure, my body will cry wolf tomorrow but hey, it asked for it.

Pizza Promo Day:

I just couldn't help it, they put the freakin kitchen right next to the pool. This is a new development, 2 years it was nowhere near.

And so with every lap the alluring smells got stronger, with every lap the pit in my stomach got deeper. So when I was done, I got curious, and when I was told it pizza promo day, I couldn't even pretend to hesitate.

All hail the crypto bulls!


[Bonne Appétit Ange!]

More burn tomorrow;