Which One It Is? - My Actifit Report Card: June 26 2020


One app measures my activity as 1545 while the other says 3234!?! Although I think they are both wrong. For instance, Actifit didn't even recognize any of my morning, around noon, or early afternoon activity. It appears like I woke up at 6 pm. 😄

On the other hand, what I was expecting with my mostly sedentary work?!

And there is one more thing. None of these apps don't register my jumps around the desk with million stand ups and sit dows. Of course, how could they when my mobile phone is lying on the table?!

But still, despite all of that, I would love if Actifit, among its activities, has the option jumping around, as in most cases it would suit me the best! 😉🙃

Until then, I'm choosing "Chasing Pokemons!" 😜 (Although, I never played that game.)
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Chasing Pokemons