Keeping my chin up and learning to BUIDL



It's a bloodbath out there.

With markets like these, it is good to remember and recognize why I'm even in cryptocurrency and web3 to begin with. There is absolutely blood in the streets, with a potential for more to come. Will we see some form of reversal with a new moon coming, or will the cryptomancers and hedge witches in the twittersphere be correct about an impending market apocalypse? Who knows. Well, some might know because due to a little thing called 'market manipulation'. Maybe. Internet speculation is fun.


Let's pause and remember the BUIDL movement.

BUIDL is a term that cropped up late 2018, mainstreamed in 2019 and had some resurgance of usaged during the bull market of 2021. BUIDL isn't an acronym, but a play on the term HODL, which most in the cryptospace know by now. BUIDL was essentially a call to build, specifically to build and develop in the web3 space, along with just passively HODLing your favorite cryptos from your favorite blockchains.

With a tongue-n-cheek spelling, BUIDL was pushed by many major publications, exchanges and blockchains as a rallying cry to attract developers, artists and anyone willing to code, develop and generate content for these decentralized protocols. In the heights of 2021 when cryptocurrency markets were soaring through their ATHs, the buzzing was everywhere, with seemingingly an endless sea of ideas with a sizeably smaller pool of developers. (with their own ideas as well)

Where is it now? Well, I don't see many articles about this at all. That's quite a shame, really, but predictable in a lot of ways. With an extreme downturn in the crypto (and many more) markets coupled with a volatile political global atmosphere, the mood in the air is quite grim. I continue to ask myself, do I still see this decentralized financial system as the future?

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Doing a presentation over DeFi for Kansas City Web3 Meetup

Practice what I'm preachin'

In real life, I'm absolutely gabby about crypto and technology. It's the presenter/musician in me, truly. This pic is of me in March giving a presentation to a room full of developers, investors, technologists, artists and philosophers over the nuances of DeFi. I was requested to give a presentation over Decentralized Finance, DeFi. The first presenter went into DeFi with a focus on explaining Decentralized Exchanges/DEX and their liquidity, so my presentation angle was much more about DeFi outside of the DEX.

Stop and think about the irony of this: many people in the local web3 space knew more about Decentralized Exchanges than they do almost anything else. I speak with a lot of local people who are invested into a wide wide range of different blockchains and networks. While the range of networks is vast, the general idea that DeFi == DEX seems to be quite common.


Check out @KCWeb3

My presentation over DeFi was over GameFi, over SocialFi, over networks that incorporate different proof/validation structures, and much more. I spoke about many things off HIVE, but I used HIVE to explain how web3 and dApps ultimately function using various front ends with a decentralize back end. I perked a few developers ears up. I perked up creative artist bloggers ears, gamers ears, and I saw lightbulbs blinking on as the connection was made.

All sidetracking aside: I've been using my gift of gab and ability to explain things, along with my knowledge about many different chains and protocols to promote web3 on a local level. We have been growing a local web3 presence and meetup named Kansas City Web3. We have a twitter and we even have a @KCWeb3 account here on HIVE.

I could and should do more.

A lot comes to real life time constraints, but a lot comes from my own listlessness and lethargy. Finally honing my developmer skills are the last thing needed between me interfacing my art with the new digital world, in a manner of speaking.

Ive met some amazing people at the web3 meetup and amongst them some incredible developer talent. I've found some really good online resources I will be writing about in a later blogpost as well. 2022 has started off pretty rough, but I do believe in what the future has to offer with the technology that we can develop today.

I can get so sidetracked sometimes. It's not like riding a bike.

Someone remind me I need 2022 graphics.

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