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Thank you for your wonderful comment. Nothing last forever and there is something very freeing about being in control of when the sculptures end date is. It turns the piece into a happening or performance piece.
Compacted sand is actually like a soft sandstone. I have worked with limestone in the past but I believe I like to work faster and bigger than it would allow and sand is a perfect candidate. Of course, the temporary nature can be looked on as a compromise but if all my sculptures still existed it would take a whole museum to house them. (Not that I think they would be museum-worthy!)
My blog here on Hive is the nearest I will get to preserve them and I am happy for that and maybe even the NFT route could be something I would look into more as a way of giving them a new life.
In more hindsight about the male figure it may have led to better photography but for me the sculpture still the most important and I like to break the
Thanks again @nineclaws


You're always welcome @ammonite. I enjoy seeing your work very much. You're right, compacted sand is very much like sandstone. I'm reminded of south eastern Canada, where there is this red sandstone that is so soft, rubbing it gently will cause the sand to loosen and come off.

Limestone wouldn't allow for what you want to do and would take many months to produce the size you work in. I've carved limestone, but only about 1 1/2 feet by 1 foot and a bit larger.

Temporary speaks to the reality of this world, so your sculptures make a profound comment on that. I'm very fond of asymmetry, makes for a much more interesting and dynamic work.

I encourage you to continue with NFT's to build on what you're doing. It's a great idea.