When I lost my mum many years ago, a kind of agony and pain engulfed my heart. It was so bad that sometimes I cry myself to sleep.

The pain of losing a mother, which heart can bear ?

I was with her in the hospital all through and only went home to have a change of clothes. My sister took over and watched her, but unfortunately I I didn't get to see her again.


She was already covered up in Mother earth before I came home on the burial day. I took part in all other activities, even volunteered to lit the candles on her grave the next morning.

But it didn't give me the sense of closure that I want.

So my heart kept hurting and aching until one night in my dream, I saw myself walking on a lonely pathway. A young girl coed in white dress joined me through another pathway and we journeyed together not speaking to each other.

Then there came the light

Bright, peaceful and beautiful

The girl crossed over to the light but i stopped

She turned back and spoke to me for the first time


Cross over

I shook my head declining her offer because I was afraid and unsure of what was there.

I cant, I dont know what awaits me there

She smiled at me and said goodbye.

And then I woke up

There is something about the light

A friend of mine after giving birth to her baby she started bleeding profusely. She then said she saw her self in a room, very dark and scary.

A man came and told him to follow him to the light. She started following him but then overheard her baby crying.

She stopped.

She told the man that she want to go back and carry her baby. Without waiting for consent, she turned back and left.

She woke up.

Her family members were all gathered around her crying profusely ,her husband, sisters, mother inlaw, father inlaw and her parents. Everyone was soaked in tears.

There is something about the light.

The other side