One thing that i am super grateful to God for is the gift of my daughters. They are my sisters, my best friends and my playmates.

My first daughter is Christabel and she came when i needed someone to love deeply. That special kind of love that exist between a mother and her child. I took thousands of her pictures as I was so immersed in her beautiful and cuteness.


There was never a dull moment of a boring day with her. Whenever I got bored she would suggest thousand of fun stuffs that we can do together like makeup tutorials. I started watching some makeup tutorial on YouTube and I have to use her to practicaize what i learnt .


Sometimes she would give me a thump ups other times she would tell me that it wasn't nice atall and i do appreciate her for being honest with me.

When the pillow challenge started on tiktok I wanted to join the challange so desperately and what other way to take part in it if not through my mini - me.

Sometimes she get tired of my whole drama and stuffs but the fact that she made herself available for mummy was so adorable. Her junior sister lacked the patience and would not even stay for a picture talkmore of a video.


I want to appreciate Christable for putting up with mummy's too many demands which comes in pictures and videos. She is a pro already in posing for the camera.


Say Cheese Baby😁