Femi Osibona’s corpse has probably just undergone the final stages of rigor mortis in the mortuary, yet his brothers are already at daggers drawn with his wife over properties.

I won’t judge any side just yet, as it’s possible only one side may have been the instigator and we may never know which.

His apparent unpreparedness for possible death,is giving room for interlopers! Just like any or most people. We always believed we can not die NOW! A fallacy of Life!

I don’t know, but I sincerely don’t rate middle aged family men who leave no advance instructions or will because they believe they will live to a ripe old age.

Dear men (and women who are bread winners);

Your default Next of Kin (NOK), ought to be your spouse.

However, if you feel your spouse will be a stumbling block to the advancement of your legacy and the future of your children, that feeling is valid.

Despite what people say, not all spouses are a blessing to their union, if you keep the physical children aside.

Some squander the wealth shortly after their partner’s demise.

Others venture into love interests that totally compromises the future of the children.

Others are even the cause of death of their spouses for no other reason than claiming insurance.

That said, this does not make siblings more reliable.

Once a human branches from his father’s nuclear family, the default allegiance is to his own children.

It is not common to see humans who have the same affinity for their nephews and nieces the way they would their biological children.

And even though it is possible, no man would risk that if he could.

Sometimes, a man’s advance directive is clear cut and he doesn’t have to think much.

A loving surviving wife. Shares the same philosophy and legacy. Unparalleled love for the children.

Other times, not so much.

A husband/wife on the verge of separation, a spouse whose views are diametrically apposed, or a spouse wayward to the extent of compromising the future of loved ones.

You as that breadwinner, needs to really think hard and long.

*My best bet when the man is not comfortable bequeathing all his will to his wife, is leaving a substantial part of it in a trust for the children to claim when they are of age, with just enough to the wife to keep the family very comfortable in the immediate aftermath of his demise, and for sometime thereafter.

That way, the future is at least guaranteed and not dependent on the whim of the surviving spouse, or whatever love interest he or she ventures into.

That way, the future is not dependent on the whim of a sibling who will always place his biological children first.

And please, do not for one second think death won’t be your portion.

I am sure Femi Osibona would have gone for Pastor Ashimolowo to lay his hands to bind the spirit of death, because afterall, the laying of hands brought him tremendous “success”.

Yet, he is the one in the mortuary today.

Brethren, it is very important to plan for the future, especially being unknown.

No matter how little or insignificant your assets are to you, please try to plan for the future of your family without YOU.


Death is unpredictable and can come at any point in time without a prior notices. Proper and timely planing is the only way to make sure our loved ones are well taken cares of when we are gone.


Very true @funshee. Living each day as if it would be our last and be open with all we do not been secretive.