Shelling The Dry Beans, A Video

Hello, hivers!

I just uploaded a video to my youtube channel that I had on my older computer and had kind of forgotten about until I was looking for a couple of other videos. This is a video of me shelling the dry beans that I had grown the previous summer.

The beans are an old heirloom variety called Hidatsa. The name comes from the Native American tribe that the seeds were originally collected from in the early 1900s. This variety of bean is a pole bean that grows long vines that need a something to climb on. In the old days, the beans were planted around corn plants after the corn sprouted. As the bean vines grew, they would use the corn stalks to climb on. I use a trellis to grow the beans because the bean plants get more sunlight that way, and the yields tend to be a bit higher. I have also grown the beans in with the corn stalks, and have learned a few things about where to plant the beans, and where not to plant the beans in the corn.

Since it's going to be another month before I start any of my seeds for the coming garden season, and I don't have anything garden related to write about until then, I decided that this video would be a good thing to post.

Here's the video, it's about 9 minutes long.

I should make a video like this with the microphone up close to the bucket, and just whispering. It might be a good ASMR video. 😀

Thanks for stopping by to check out the video! I hope you found it interesting!


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