Model Kit Review, 1/72 Scale Martin Maryland

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Here's another model kit review!

For this model kit review, I take a look at a 1/72 scale kit of the Martin Maryland, an early WW2 light bomber. This kit was produced probably some time in the 1990s by Eastern Express, a model manufacturer that was located in Russia. This kit was bought on the secondary market from ebay.

The Martin 167 Maryland was designed and built by the Martin aircraft company in 1938 in an attempt to win a U.S. government contract to supply the planes for military service. Martin did not win the U.S. contract, but the planes were ordered by both Great Britain and France in 1939. About 450 of the planes were built to fill the orders, and France received about 215 of the planes before the French surrender after the German invasion of 1940.

The rest of the production of the Martin Maryland went to the British RAF where they were used in various roles, including photo reconnaissance in the North African campaign.

Here is the video for this model kit review. The video is 9 minutes long.

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