5 Amazing Things About Kids and Parenting



With parenting begins a new journey of life. Rearing and caring a kid comes with unique challenges yet having kids is rewarding in itself. It is one of the greatest blessing one have in his/her life. There are several amazing things about kids and parenting, the taste of which you can understand only when you come accross the phase.

The fragrance of kids is one of the most amazing things on earth.


Infants and young kids have a unique kind of fragrance that refreshes us deeper. Such a fragrance is not available in the market. When my kids were younger I used to bring my nose closer to their mouth and took deep breathe to pour their fragrance into my lungs. It gave me a unique kind of pleasure that nothing else can provide.

I think it is not only the fragrance of kids that is meaningful but also the fragrance of parents has a lot to do in kid's life. My son is about to be 5. He wakes up as soon as I go away from him. My mom says he sleeps with your fragrance.

Breast feeding is an experience that comes only and solely with motherhood.


Those ladies who have passed through this face would understand the real worth of this era. Breast feeding attaches a great responsibility on the mother. Whenever the kid needs her, she leaves every other thing and gives her kid with the food. How amazing this creation of God is! He is given a mother an honour by making her the owner a food of which their is no comparison in the world. It is completely nutritional and also have medicinal qualities. It happens often, whenever the kid is in pain (either physical or emotional) breast feed is the only thing that can pacify him/her.

The hugs, kisses and smiles of kids (for parents) and parents (for kids) is another amazing phenomenon of parenthood.


The hugs and kisses that we give to our kids give them strength and courage. They also heal their wounds. It paves off all my tiredness when I hug my kids. It gives me a new energy to go on with my hassels.

The smiles of kids is one of the prettiest structure in the world. When I see my kids laughing or smiling, I feel being abound by happiness. The smiles that we give to our kids is an amazing booster for their strength and moods. A smile on our face gives them courage to face their fear. They are ready to overcome the obstacles in their way.

Kids are the way to transform values to the next generation.


They follow even the very subtle of our acts about which (at times) we are ourselves unaware that we are doing them. Once, I heard my son speaking some words in a particular way. I thought from whom have he heard them. Oh, I realized this is just me who says so. In this way, kids give us an opportunity to reflect back on our doings. We need to be very cautious what we are delivering them via our actions and speech. Everything we do or say makes an impression on them that goes on to forever.

The curiosity of kids is unmatched.


They keep a bag of W- H questions with them all the time. After one question, they have another. Sometimes, you don't really get what answer you are supposed to give them to make them understand the phenomenon. I remind of a quote of Albert Einestine

If you can't explain it to a 6-years old you don't understand it yourself. Source

When we dare to explain something to answer the curiosity of kids, we actually gain more wisdom and clarity in our own concepts.

The truth is everything about kids is amazing. How they cover the milestones of their lives from sitting to crawling to walking, from sounds to speech, from smiles to laughter, everything is simply amazing. They spread happiness, love and fun around us with their acts and presence.

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