Meme challenge #242 Entry # 1 The good old news paper


There was something magical about newspaper

The good old news paper was wonderful. Every morning the newspaper got delivered to our home an ordinary event one might say however it was an event in its own right.
Every one waited for its arrival in the mornings. We got so used to it that our morning wold be incomplete without the days news paper.
My dad and my granddad would bot vie for the newspaper.
Granddad being the senior member of the household got the first right t read the news paper.
So obviously my dad was the second in line.
So when my dad got hold of the paper he would share a part of it with me.
I guess that is the reason the news paper despite being a multi page document was never stapled so that people could share and read as the need may be.

Sports is a way of life

Sports should not be a fad that you follow to impress others instead it should be a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle.