went to the garden to look for firewood, but it was a picture of a butterfly that I brought home.


good night everyone how are you? on this occasion I will tell you again about the type of butterfly that I captured with my smartphone some time ago, the butterfly is a type of insect that has wide wings, generally the butterfly type definitely has wide wings, because it is a type of insect that flies to and fro that's why he was created by God to have wide wings..

this butterfly we call it the orange butterfly, when I found the butterfly I was made by the butterfly sweating all over my body to chase it, sweat pouring out it didn't matter to me, which important i can capture the picture,

to get a picture of the orange butterfly is not as easy as I tell in this post, of course it is more difficult to capture the picture of the butt


that afternoon I went to the garden to look for firewood, because I met this butterfly too early, so I didn't have time to look for firewood, because I had found something more special than firewood,

the pursuit of a butterfly at that time continued, maybe friends have already found this type of butterfly, he is very agile, his flight is also very fast, so I have to have enough patience...



after a long time I was patient and waiting for the butterfly to stand in a place for me to capture the picture, finally my patience bears sweet fruit, what I hoped for that was what happened, because I know that patience will definitely end with a happy ending,

as well as the butterfly that I waited for so long finally he stood up too, the opportunity I never wasted, education for the sake of shooting I launched,



after I took a picture from the left or right side of the butterfly, I waited again to take a picture from the back, it turned out that my turn to get a picture from the back side ended tragically, aka I got disappointed, because it was very difficult for the butterfly. it opens its wings,

but i haven't given up on that time i keep waiting and waiting when he will open his wings and i will get a picture of the butterfly from the back side..




it was getting dark i kept waiting to get a picture of the back side, i thought my patience would be in vain, it didn't..... i was able to get a picture of the butterfly from the back but only one sheet, because it's getting late I think this is enough because the scenery is getting dark, if I keep waiting I will definitely be night on the way home..

Long story short, once I got home and got home, my wife asked me where the firewood was, I couldn't say anything at that time, because it was my fault, if I blame the butterfly it's impossible.....that's it was all my fault because I went to the garden to look for firewood, it turned out that it wasn't firewood that was ready to take home but a picture of a butterfly.....

that's all I can describe tonight, hopefully all of my friends can be entertained....


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