5 Minutes Freewrite: Sunday Prompt: Potato Chips

Dinner By @seckorama

His love for potatoes knows no bounds! Just get it for him and no matter how you prepare it he will never hesitate to much it. Boiled, fried, backed, chips... it will always be his favourite.

Obi has been sad all day. All efforts made by his mother to rouse his spirit was like water poured over a stone. Help me get the firewood the market is tomorrow, the mother said. Obi who has been looking dejected all day refused to budge.

His friends also came around to cheer him up but his moodiness could not be alleviated. The mother started thinking aloud, what must have made my stallion son to be in this moody condition? I've done all I could to raise his spirit but all to no avail.

After a while she screamed ahaaa!!! I know what to do. I will have to prepare for him his favourite...potatoes. This time I'll make chips for him, no boiled ones, no fries. Only chips.

Vegetables by @seckorama

She quickly dashed into the kitchen, swung into action and in a matter of minutes the potato chips was ready. The mother then walked up to Obi, called him out in a soft voice: "Obinnaya please come, I have something special for you". Reluctantly, Obi followed her to the dinning room. There on the table he saw the crispy potato chips waiting for him.

In a flash of light his eyes shone like stars and he drew closer, picked one or two chips and munched away happily. His spirit , mood and everything changed immediately. The mother smiled and sat next to him. Now, please tell me what has been worrying you....

Thanks to @seckorama for providing the dinner and vegetables images for use via LIL @lmac gallery.

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