RE: Can Hive Connect To Monero?

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Haven XHV is one of the next coins being added to ThorChain. AVAX should be running next week and then either Haven or BSC will be the next chain. DASH is also high on the list, which is also a privacy coin. Once Haven is integrated, Monero will be easy to implement on ThorChain as the heavy lifting will already be done with Haven.

There were a lot of nodes hesitant to allow privacy coins on ThorChain due to them being enablers and in regulators eyes arrestable. But, it seems that storm has passed and privacy will be coming to ThorChain soon-ish... still needs nodes to vote in favor of enabling the pool... could be more privacy drama yet.

Interestingly enough, there is a fork of ThorChain (maya protocol) that has all of their nodes anonymous. If privacy doesn't happen on ThorChain, it will happen on Maya.