Hexagon In Squads Is A Nightmare!!


So recently my friends and I got onto the game and wanted a victory bad. It has been quite some time since we played and with all of the stuff happening in our personal lives we barely get to play together.

We played a long time ago and so I'm gonna touch up a little on the last episode.

Last Time

We were 3 guys and needed a mate for the squad but others were busy. We played with a random. The first round was at the Big Fans. The whole game was a rollercoaster ride. The random was dead last in the preliminary round but we somehow passed it.

The second Round was in Bubble Trouble. This was a round where the party members had to collect the fish in the bubble, the first team to hit 60 qualified, but only 5 teams could make it.

The third round was at The Block Party. My friends were laughing at my failed attempts to hold opponents and let the blocks take them out of the platform.

The semi-final round was at the Hoopsie Legends. There were normal hoops and then there were golden hoops. The golden hoops are worth 6 points while the normal white ones are worth 1 point. My friend and I got the first 3 gold hoops which made the qualification smoother. The rest were obtained by my friends.

The last round was a Hexagon. A very anxious round for us all. What strategy to apply and who would go down under? Somehow my friend was the last one standing and we won!

Previous Episode Link

This Time

We were again 3 guys looking for a good 4th member in a random. The first game was at the Dizzy Heights. At this point, this had become a staple. It went smooth as usual, came at 3rd. The random was afk the whole round and moved from his position in the last 3 seconds. I deadass thought that this was a pointless game. We came in 3rd place though.

The second round was treetop Tumble. This was a huge area and there were multiple layers to pass through, the lowest level had water making it difficult to move yet the easiest. The upper levels had frogs that bloated to such an enormity that nobody any player would get thrown off. Again we came in at 3rd place, the teammate didn't qualify within the time limit. Talk about dragging a sack!

The third round was Jump Club, a survival round with no annoying fans. My teammates were complaining that the others were pushing them and whatnot. We were in second place regardless of one of my friends and that random falling off.

The last round was at the dreadful area, the Hex-A-Gon. now, the strategy was to not cut off each other and make life miserable for the opponents.
The round was thrilling, to say the least, there was a guy that cut off me and my teammates when we were at the upper purple level. Losthero had fallen to the lower yellow zone and I was at the upper blue. Then, I ran out of platforms and fell directly into the last blue zone. The guy who was cutting us off fell because of his foolishness.
The match was nearing its end, the platforms were running out the beans were dropping like rain. I was the last guy in the game, I fell, unfortunately. I was the 13th guy to fall down. So close to that sweet vic too... welp next time ig.

The whole match was very entertaining for us, the cries of laughter were harmony for my ears. Again, next time. Until then... goodbye!

Enjoy the gameplay.