Reviewing Rising Star



I've wanted for a long time to write a post about Rising Star. Now is the day.

I've been playing the game since it was announced. Not as a hardcore player, but as a casual one. At the start, the interest in the game faded away. A couple of months ago, I've restarted playing Rising Star on a more serious note.

My aim was to reach level 50 and to be able to do the Millionaire Mission. There is a fine print to it, which I discovered when I reached the level and that is that the cardholder, shall have in his balance at least one million Starbits, the currency of Rising Star. Well, I did not have that large amount, as I kept buying packs and cards of the market.

The best next thing to do, was to buy that amount and start doing the mission. With this perk, I can buy more cards frequently, which I enjoy as it grows my account. Here I plan to reach 1000 cards till the end of the year. It is an ambitious plan as I'm still at shy over 150. The benefit is that is a ranking climb, and maybe I will reach the Hive paying area.

Rising Star is not a get rich quickly game, but a more patient one, where mission have to be done and chosen wisely which and how.

Is the game worth playing and investing in? Definitely, as it tries to be clean, without bots and players with multiple accounts.

Rising Star can be a game that is touched a couple of minutes a day and still brings some revenue.


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