My New NFT Collection "Psychedelic Skulls" an a giveaway in twitter


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Hi Soldiers!

I present in this video part of my work called Psychedelic Skulls, coined as NFTs on the Opensea platform (

What is it about?

Psychedelic Skulls is a collection of painted 3D skulls with colorful abstract painting of liquid colors (pouring art, also known as fluid art or flow art) to represent life, the passion to live it fully, the continuous change, the chaos, the consciousness of the temporality of life (death), the taste for the forbidden, curiosity for the hidden, the eternity of the soul, the rebirth of being, triumph, rebellion, overcoming, commemoration and resilience.

Skulls artistically represent and remind us of many positive aspects of our existence that inspire respect and admiration, despite the fact that it has been misused to inspire fear, concern and toxicity.

In the collection I also include works made from other materials such as special editions. That is the case of some skulls that I have made in glass.

Artist: Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva known as AlexCocopro


I have decided to do a giveaway to promote these works and to give my return to the community that has given me so much.

Through my twitter account I have posted the rules to win one of these pieces, so head to my twit ( and read the thread to participate.

The win will be announced on October 22, so take advantage!

Good vibes and good luck.

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