Liquit Color #5 - The same way (NFT in OpenSea)


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Liquit Color 5 - The same way

An artistic piece from the Collection of illustrations and animations of pouring art, also known as fluid art or flow art. This work is like surreal automatic writing taken to the field of illustration and animation, full of freedom, purity and its own meaning.

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  1. Name: The same way
  2. Collection: Liquit Colors
  3. Number: 5
  4. Type: video
  5. Format: MP4
  6. Size: 1920x1080 px
  7. Video weight: 12,5 MB
  8. Certificate: TRUE
  9. Style: abstract, modern art, psychedelic, liquid colors, complex textures, pouring art, art flow.
  10. Author: Alex Jesús Cabello Leiva - AlexCocoPro

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