All-Ukrainian Campaign "16 Days Against Violence"

Thanks to @scrodinger for telling me about this community! I thought for a long time about what to write first. I am still auditing the bag for the competition, but today I want to tell you about a very important campaign in my country.

I also want to know if there is something similar in your countries. And how is the fight against domestic violence in general in your country, do you have the Istanbul Convention, are there places where women can turn for help.

I am really interested in the experience of your countries, so please give an answer. And I immediately want to invite @vic.ivantsova to this community. She is just preparing her introduction post, but I am sure that Ladies of Hive will be interesting for her!

Thus, every year from November 25 to December 10, the All-Ukrainian Campaign "16 Days Against Violence" is held in order to draw attention to the problems of overcoming domestic violence, child abuse, combating human trafficking and protecting women's rights.

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This is a very important topic in my country. However, politicians are not interested in it at all. They would be launching a homophobic campaign, try to pass homophobic laws, try to delete the word "gender" because they consider it a global evil, and refuse to ratify the Istanbul Convention.

Although Ukraine is one of the authors of this convention, which aims to prevent violence, protect victims and "end impunity for criminals".

The fact is that for some reason the church interferes in state affairs. Although Ukraine is a secular state and religion according to the Constitution is separated from politics.

Well, fans of "traditional values" also interfere in these issues, who for some reason believe that if women are protected, the family will surely come to an end. I do not understand at all how it all fits in their head and where is the logic?

In general, for some reason, everyone in my country is very afraid of "gender equality". And against it, of course, mostly men. At the same time, I am shocked that many of my acquaintances, whom I considered adequate and reasonable, hold the same opinion. When the topic of equality comes up, they immediately shout that women should go to work in mines and military service at once. Like, women won't do it.

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But practice shows that in Ukraine women work in mines and fight in the east of the country with russian aggression. But according to the documents, they are just cooks, secretaries or something like that. That is, they do not have any of the protections and privileges that men have in such work.

Only recently, a huge list of jobs in which a woman cannot work has been cancelled. A big step forward, but not enough. Well, this "let women also go to the army by force, as we do, and we don't want that," says that instead of demanding a contract army from the state, they want to restrict women's rights again.

It's all strange to me because they do not understand that equality is also beneficial to them! After all, this means that you do not have to be a "defender" 24 hours a day, you can do anything you want, such as embroidery or ballet, you can cry even if you are a man. But no, they do not understand that this method will make their lives easier.

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But most of all, I don't understand why they still think that women are to blame for violence against women. That is, if a conditional man was robbed and beaten, the thief is guilty. And if a woman was raped, the woman is guilty. After all, she had, for example, too short a skirt.

Or, if she has an abusive partner, domestic violence, then she is guilty again because she could not become a psychic and recognize in advance everything that happens in her partner's head.

It all infuriates me. And I am happy that there are similar campaigns in my country. And I am happy that many public figures raise this issue and try to explain this issue to their fans.

The campaign period covers the following important dates:

  • November 25 - International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women;
  • December 1 - World AIDS Day;
  • December 2 - International Day against Slavery;
  • December 3 - International Day of Persons with Disabilities;
  • December 5 - International Volunteer Day;
  • December 6 - Commemoration of female students shot in Montreal;
  • December 10 - International Human Rights Day.

At the same time, I thank the Ministry of Education of Ukraine that during this period they recommend organizing and conducting thematic lessons, lectures, webinars, round tables and other events on domestic violence in educational institutions.

Of course, I thank the ministry for this initiative, but there are questions about it. After all, this is only a recommendation and not all educational institutions will do it. Unfortunately. After all, schools and universities. Rather, teachers are mostly the most conservative people with old views. And the question to the ministry is how they can allow harmful literature to be studied.

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To prove this, I will cite the example of a book that is forced to study in Ukrainian universities as part of the course "Communication Management". One such book is "Business Career" by the so-called Doctor of Economics, Professor and Excellence in Education of Ukraine (2004), Dakhno Ivan Ivanovich.

I'll just leave a few paragraphs from this book, and tell me, is that okay?

"You should try to hire young married women. As a rule, they have a greater sense of responsibility for the assigned work than unmarried women. Young married women are less likely to flirt than unmarried women. ”

"If you have to hire not young women, it is better to choose among them those who have experience working outside the home. Old women who have not previously worked in a team, it is difficult to adapt to teamwork. Such women often like to quarrel.
Skinny girls are less good-natured and efficient than plump girls. "

"Women who are hired should be clearly explained about the time factor. Most women like to be late. They may not like it, but being late is automatic. Women's sense of time is somewhat different than men's." (Seriously?)

"Women workers should always work on themselves, improve themselves, try to perform their duties properly. Those who do not want to do this - for those in Kyiv there is a ring road, and the functions performed by women there - are outside the scope of this book." (This is about working as a prostitute. That is, if you can not do something in the company, then go to the field of sex services)

"Women perform well-defined tasks perfectly. But they lack initiative in formulating tasks independently. No wonder Adolf Hitler said: "The masses like to be treated like women. And women like to be commanded." (Quote Hitler in the textbook? Is he a role model?)

These are just micro excerpts from the first sections of this section. Where, by the way, Hitler was mentioned twice. There are many theses that not only cross the line and do not correspond to the scientific approach, but which are openly dangerous for their dissemination among adolescents, forming in them completely misconceptions about their own role and the role of others.

For me personally, the most frightening thing is the "Office Sex" section, which revolves around the topic of sex in the workplace and openly borders on the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace. According to Professor Dakhno, the blame and responsibility for the latter always lie with the woman. It is very difficult for me to comment on anything here.

That is, at a time when an active part of society is trying to fight this, the Ministry of Education is trying to promote the study of against violence... The same Ministry of Education allows this book to be forcibly studied. My brain broke.


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I can't believe that such a book exists!
Do people there still buy it?
Goodness gracious!
Let celebrate that there is a week dedicated to ending domestic violence and abuse.
It is a step in the right direction!
Thanks for sharing, @alexandra.lokki!

Friendships are bonds between two or more people who want to engage with one another. It involves having mutual interest in each other’s thoughts, feelings and experiences. Friendships work on reciprocity of trust, respect, emotional support and admiration.
Let's hope that Ladies of Hive is where you develop lasting friendships.


I also can't believe it exists. I hope people do not buy this of their own free will. But students are forced not only to buy but also to study information from this book (
To date, there is an active struggle against the book, but how it will end is unclear
In fact, some students have published this book