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Hello everyone.
Today was my last day at my job. That's why I'm a little lost.
The company in which I worked changed ownership, there was a merger of companies and some other processes that I do not understand.


A month after I passed my probation early, I learned that my company would be liquidated in 2022. I was very disappointed with this fact, because at the time of deciding where to go to work, I had two other good offers.
And the feeling that I had been cheated a little bit left a residue. Anyway, this came as a very unpleasant surprise to me. But the team reassured me. Colleagues said it was a reorganization for the better for the company. And we will become a MEGA company, there will be work for everyone and no one will get fired. I worked all year in limbo, but I decided to hope for the best and not look for a new job. I didn't want to spoil my work history with a short entry. So, I decided to invest my free time and energy into studying UX-UI design. I thought that additional education would not be superfluous. 😊 But I didn't have time to finish it. :((

I did not expect to get such a "surprise" before the new year. I don't know about other countries, but now in Russia it is the dead season to look for work. And the company apparently decided to ensure itself by firing half of the employees now.
I'm a little at a loss, this sudden turnaround. Because I don’t feel very confident without a job.
Now I plan to think about what I want, continue my studies, and start looking for a new job after the new year.

Why am I telling you all this here?
Maybe will be people who need my design services now or in the future. And I am now open to cooperation than ever before. 😊

  • I work in the programs: Creative Cloud (AI, Ps, Id), Power Point, Figma.
  • I do any graphic design. Design and prepress of any printing products and outdoor advertising, layout of magazines, catalogs, presentations, corporate identity, draw logos, collect brand books and so on. …

Examples of my work











  • I'm also a professional photographer. I have major awards, such as Nikon's Photographer of the Year in the advertising category. I take pictures not only in Russia. And I can come to work in your country, especially if your weather is warmer than in Moscow.)))



I have the free time now. And I want to learn how to sell my art in the NFT. I'm sure there are people here who could share the information I need. I would be very happy for any help.
The main questions that interest me right now are:

  • How can I sell to get people to buy from me?
  • What is better to sell?
  • I paint oil paintings and take photography; will that be in demand?
  • What is the key to success?
  • Any advice or thoughts you may have on the subject 😊


Maybe, this is my longest post. )) Thank you for reading to the end.
I would appreciate it if you would repost 🤗
my e-mail: [email protected]


First of all sign up to @nftshowroom with this link:
Second: apply as an artist on their page! You need a twitter or instagram account thats how they verify you are a real human. Best is to put you art on instagram and use that as a funnel to your gallery on nftshowroom.
Oil paintings IDK if the demand is big but you could make it a redeemable NFT wher if someone buys the NFT you send them the original or a print of your painting.
Photography you can sell photos on lensy. I dont know if the market is big. You can also create your own collection on the WAX blockchain. You will need resources for that.

Best is to build a community here on hive and join the alien art hive community. Build your twitter by posting daily and promoting your art. Blog about your art on hive.
Make videos on your process and post it to 3speak. The more content you create the more you will earn on the side. Blogging makes the minting costs on nftshowroom even cheaper. Most of the NFTs I minted where financed with income from posting content. Engage with your community make buzz around your art. Make a discord server. Post on the NFTshowroom official discord.

There is a lot more you can do, but you should be pretty busy with this. ;)


This is @splinternews sorry I just saw that I commented with my gaming account.
So everything what Splinternews wrote and much more:

Moving images and Pixel art, art containing nudity these work the best and have the most traction on Nftshowroom. You can experiment with your photographic work and create unique gifs and NFTs. Manipulate your photos go crazy...
Almost everything works. I sold this artpiece and this is literally my morning sandwich where I decided to do a videoloop...

Check out all the stuff I made by clicking on the gif!



Thank you so much for your reply!!!!😌
I've already done half of it)), I've registered on the site - nftshowroom :) Left to start))
How many resources would it take to build a collection on the WAX blockchain?)


I am not really shure. But you need RAM wich you have to spend WAX for You need staked WAX to interact called CPU.
I am not sure but you will for sure find the info on their FAQ