State of disrepair - Black and White


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With these black and white photographs i share today, i try to depict an old, abandoned building, nestled in the heart of the city. The structure is grand and imposing, with towering simple facade and industrial architecture that speaks to a bygone era of opulence and grandeur. The building is clearly in a state of disrepair, crumbling, broken windows and a sense of neglect that permeates the air. The shadows cast by the structure are deep and foreboding, giving the impression that something sinister lurks within the crumbling walls, but the doors are closed and we can only try to peek through the windows. The contrast between the white of the peeling paint and the texture of the stone behind is striking, adding to the eerie atmosphere of the photographs. Despite its state of decay, there is an undeniable beauty to the building, a reminder of a time when the city was a bustling metropolis full of life and energy. The photographs capture a sense of nostalgia, a longing for the past. They are a haunting reminder of the fleeting nature of all things, and the inevitability of decay and decline.
The time ahead may be hard, but we need to be strong and resilient.



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Wish you all a long and fulfilling life.

Photo by @aleister
Camera - Canon EOS 600D
Lens - EFS 18-55mm
Location - Portugal

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Never forget
The price of anything is the amount of life you trade for it.
Time is life... value yours, make every fraction worth it.