Rustic Lousa | Black and White Version


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Rustic, is perhaps the best way to define the space, all of it rustic, as the name indicates and whose meaning translates into something that can have various interpretations ranging from something that develops without specific cultivation or care, to something devoid of culture and erudition and ending up in the best translation of the word to apply it to the place in question, Campestral, related to the countryside, to the countryside, typical of the rural person's way of life, and that's how this space was a few years ago , but in this way of life only memories and stones remain, because today and as i have mentioned in previous articles, rural tourism is the mainstay of the place today, and unlike the lifestyle of those who lived and worked here the fields for their livelihood, today those who pass through here have a different lifestyle, in the city, and they pass through this place to escape their routine and establish a closer contact with nature and with their roots.

Now lets see some really cool narrow streets in there

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