Macro Small Mushrooms - Black and White Photography

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i´m back and here´s the entry to #monomad contest

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I thought it would be easy to take a macro photo of a little mushroom with my trusty cellphone. But it turns out, those little fungus are harder to capture than a unicorn in a blizzard. I must have taken a hundred shots, but they all came out looking like a blob of black and white pixels. Eventually, I had to resort to using a magnifying glass as a makeshift lens, and even then, still ended up with a photo that looked like a mushroom-shaped Rorschach test. But hey, at least i can now say i've photographed a mushroom so small, it made my phone feel like a giant :P

For those who are wondering what a Rorschach test is:

The Rorschach test is a psychological test in which a person is presented with a series of inkblots and asked to describe what they see in each one. The test is used to evaluate a person's personality characteristics and emotional functioning. Bet you already saw this in some movie at some point :P

And now the result, hope you like it :)



Photo by @aleister
Samsung - SM-A528B
Lens - 5-25mm
Location - Portugal

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