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Let me share some cool monocromatic pictures :)

The monochromatic style is an artistic approach, capturing and displaying images in black and white tones. Instead of focusing on color, this style values texture, luminosity and forms. Using only black and white, creates a dramatic atmosphere and emphasizes the emotional expression and narrative of the image. Furthermore, monochromatic can also be used to highlight contrast and simplicity in an image, creating a more powerful and impactful composition. In summary, the monochromatic photographic style is a form of visual art that focuses on the expression and narrative of an image through only black and white tones.

Let´s see the photos:
The photos show three different facades with distinct architectural components.

The first photo shows an upper facade next to the roof, with gutters sharing the line of separation between the roof and the open sky. The gutters are functional elements in construction, responsible for conducting rainwater out of the roof and protecting the house structure.


The second photo shows the facade of an old family house. Traditional architectural details, such as moldings and ornaments can be seen, giving personality to the building. The house also has large windows, indicating a spacious internal layout.


Finally, the third photo shows a small old house with a set of steps at the entrance. Steps are a common feature in old houses, allowing access to the front door and the first floor of the house. The simple and compact facade of this house suggests a small and functional internal structure.


That´s all for today, hope you like it :)

Photo by @aleister
Camera - Canon EOS 600D
Lens - EFS 18-55mm
Location - Portugal

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