Ask Leo:Can the world's financial stability be affected by cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency which is a world sought substitute means of payment apart from the virtual money used in payment in today's world.
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In recent times i believe and know that the rate at which cryptocurrency is gaining ground in more countries and the likes is increasing rapidly as many see crypto as a way to make money and to also save their money. If perhaps there is a glitch in the cryptosystem then i very much know that the financial stability of the economy will be threatened which will or most probably lead to financial instability.
The world's financial economy to me is getting more acquainted with crypto day by day and so if perhaps we experience the crash of cryptocurrency, then I'm sure the financial stability of the world's economy will be threatened.
I would love if you guys can also share your thoughts on how cryptocurrency can affect the world's financial stability.

Thanks for viewing my post and do have a lovely day.

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