Gaming Snaplog: [Digimon Story: Cybersleuth] A Villainous Cinematic Case


Snaplogging one of the hardest side-quests I played in Digimon Story Cybersleuth.

...#GamingSnaplog is a series in which I talk about small stuff I encounter in video games. Logs based on snapshots.

I've been playing Digimon Cybersleuth over the past two months, slowly making my way through the story. I wrote my opinion on the game in the previous review, and while I'm further in the story, I don't think I'll finish the game soon.

One reason is that I stubbornly investigate all the Cases! (At least the ones that have stories, I don't take Digi-Farm fetch quests anymore.) I love the side-quests in this game. While a lot of them don't add to the main story, some side-cases are funny or deep when you think about them.

The side-quest I'm talking about in this #GamingSanplog is one of the funnier ones, yet it was surprisingly hard to finish!


"A Villainous Cinematic Case" is a full of cliche tropes: A group that calls itself Knights of Justice sent a letter to three Digimon friends, mocking them for being evil-looking. They're usually decent Digimon, so that accusation angered them. The protagonist's job was to fix the misunderstanding, but he ends up fighting them.

The Evil-looking Digimon trio was compromised of Rosemon, BlackWarGreymon and Myotismon. (Two Mega-level and one strong Ulitmate-level Digimon.) The battle was very hard!!

The three enemies had Stat-boosting techs. BlackWargreymon attacks hit very hard it kills some of my Data-type Digimon with one hit. Rosemon had an attack that heals the three of them to full health. The first time she used that healing tech, I restarted the game.


I first got the quest early in Ch.14 of the game. I didn't have any Mega-form Digimon back then. I tried again after finishing the main story of Ch.15. I was stronger yet I had 3 Game Overs in this battle alone. It was truly harder than any battle up to this point.

I'm playing the game on Hard-Mode, the reason is because the game was too easy in the beginning so I switched to this difficulty. While it became very challenging after that, it never reached the level I wanted to rage-quit so I didn't switch it back to Easy-Mode.

There were two things I realized during this battle:

  • I can't brute-force it! I needed a strategy that works against a team that can heal itself whenever one of its members HP becomes low.
  • The Digimon you bring matter! Not only the stats, types and attributes matter. Even the Digimon special moves can be the difference between win & defeat.

I realized after losing three times that there are Digimon that can counter Rosemon's healing attack, but I don't have them. I realized that Piedmon can prevent the opponents from using Support Skills and his "Trump Sword" is strong against Rosemon. I realized that if I had an Ultimate with Vaccine-type and Water-attribute, BlackWarGreymon would become much easier. I did bring my Angewomon who's strong against Myostimon.

Even then, the battle was hard.

The strategy I finally used to win:

  • Wisemon's "Pandora Dialogue" to decrease a fixed %20 of all three opponents HP. This only works until their HP is a bit less than half.
  • Wisemon is weak on defense so I equipped my best items on him. (her?)
  • Switch to Piedmon after Wisemon finished his role. Defeating one of them.
  • Angewomon & MegaAngemon focus on defeating Myostimon, while taking turns for healing.

The strategy didn't work so well, Angewomon died and I realized that Machinedramon is stronger against Rosemon than her. The battle was close. (Interestingly enough I defeated BlackWarGreymon first..)


After that, the rest of the quest continues. The Justice Knights who sent the picture are living their own Power Rangers fantasy and I had to battle them too. (The battle was as difficult as the first, but I finished it in one go.)

Turns out that they got too excited by their movie script, that they forgot that the Evil-looking trio wasn't acting, and were genuinely angry at them. The protagonist solves the misunderstanding, and both parties agree to make a movie together. The End.

What do you think?

While I already knew before. This quest made me realize again how much preparation is required in this game, and if that's how a side-quest did to me, I wonder how hard the post-game content will be. (I'm not worried about the remaining part of the main story.)

That ends my first #GamingSnaplog. I'll try to do more of these in the future. If you liked this format please let me know. Feel free to use the tag for your posts. If you do, please comment below so I'll check your posts too.

  • All images are screenshots of the game taken by me.
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  • Am I the only one confused that Rosemon is called Evil-looking?


TIL they still make Digimon games. I see there's one planned, or already released, for 2021. Wild.


That one, Digimon Survive is in development hell. First it got 2019 release date, that changed to TBA 2020, and now it's TBA 2021... It created so much hype I feel sorry for the developers when the day of release finally comes.