History of Khmer Pchum Ben Ceremony - Introducing Festival of the Hungry Dead

Hello everyone how are you I hope you all enjoyed in this weekend today I want to tell you about biggest festival in my country which is related to the dead. Pchum Ben can be translated as a Festival of the Dead or “Hungry Ghosts Festival”, it lasted 15-day. Cambodian religious festival that culminates in the Khmer calendar on the 15th day of the tenth month and marks the end of Buddhist Lent.
And Cambodia's long-standing religious traditions.


Today is Sunday, the first day of Cambodia, where people are celebrating Dak Ben on the occasion of Pchum Ben. In general, our Khmer Pchum Ben festival, which will take place from the first day until the 15th, is over. Each family called their kids to go to the pagoda for they want their kids to practice the ritual and pray.


Today is the first day of the Khmer Pchum Ben All Cambodians brought food, flowers and some money to the monks to celebrate and dedicate to the deceased. I see a lot of small kids, they go with their parents.



Everybody can go to the nearest pagoda near their home. At least once during Pchum Ben they go into a local pagoda to present their gifts for the ancestors. Very religious Buddhists visit seven different pagodas. The Khmer believe that the spirits look around in seven pagodas and if they cannot find the sacrifice of their living relatives in any of these pagodas, they will curse them.


The elders told the younger generation that one day or the first, the souls of the departed ancestors would be released to their descendants at the pagoda to receive them At the food that the children bring to the monks to copy this food to the souls of the ancestors who have passed away.



Some go to God in front of the church to pray for the forgiveness of sins that are not good for their families. Some people throw rice at him and dedicate Kosal Phal Bon to bring them happiness to both family and relatives.


You can see that most of the people wearing white. It can be noticed that you follow the rule of the pagoda and you are Buddhist. During Khmer Angkor period to another last decade is different, we usually people wearing traditional clothes and more costumes, but today we are living in a digital age when people are freedom sometimes we can wear T-shirt both men and women.


In the past, Buddhist monks had to walk everywhere to ask for alms, no matter how bad the weather was, but now we can donate money “Riel”, food or rice in a church instead. People practicing it every year.


During the first 14 days of Kan Ban, the Khmer people give food to the monks, light candles and donate money, some money they transfer it to help poor people and kids who live far away from the city. They do this in the hope that their gifts will lead to the alleviation of the sins of their ancestors. Since the Cambodians do not know whether their gifts help their ancestors to be better, this ritual happens every year.



Today's festival is very crowded because since the Kovid virus has never come to the pagoda like today Some take group photos


The festival looks very exciting and it's certainly very fun if I'm near of course I will visit there.


Blessings to you for honoring the ancestors during Pchum Ben 🙏
Thank you for sharing photos and the story from your local pagoda! 😊

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