Would You Like to be Invested in Hive?



Investment is not just about buying Hive with your Fiat but it's also about investing your time out here posting and doing other activities.

I myself have been investing my time on Hive approximately for more than an year now. And had never cashed out my Hive.

I did buy some other tokens with my Steem but when I swapped to Hive, I never cashed out Hive. I am staking from that time because I believe in the future of Hive.

Now that we have tribes like proofofbrain.io, leofinance.io etc as well on Hive it is sort of multiplying to our motivation. Because earning Hive on your post and at the same time you earn other sister tokens as well using their tribe's tag.

One other good addition is the @splinterlands. It's a game on Hive blockchain which was at top of the list on DapRaddar. I didn't play Splinterlands yet but I did see users talking about it.

Hive is evolving. New dapps are being added time and time thanks to the developers. I hope that we will get some other awesome dapps in the future that could change the fate of Hive blockchain.