Crypto in the News



Well we have been reading news about the crackdowns on cryptocurrency. That might cause some FUD in the crypto community but I am happy to see that cryptocurrencies are flourishing irrespective of the negative news coming out of countries like China.

Whatever the case may be, but I think we are lucky enough to break into some major news websites or TV Channels, talk about cryptos.

For a country like Pakistan where I think there are not much crypto users compared to the rest of the countries in the world but I was amazed to see a national tv talking about crypto.

Now that we see crypto users in Pakistan as well as on the world level have increased, gives us much strength.

It's we users who bring value to crypto and I think if we availed this blockchain technology then we might be in a position to convince the government authorities about the uses of cryptocurrency.

And now that the total worth of cryptocurrencies is more than 2.30 trillion dollars as of I am writing this post, I think the world can't deny the reality of cryptocurrencies.

People across the globe have stakes in it. It's like a whole new world based on this revolutionized technology. We must find different ways of implementing and availing this technology.