A Bit About Our Hive Keys



Safety of keys here on Hive is somewhat a concern for all of us and you may have seen users compromising their keys and this continues to happen lately as well.

If you want to know about keys being compromised across the hive platform check @keys-defender posts.

So the point is how to protect our keys from being compromised?

Well, I am not an expert but what I have done is that I have saved my keys in my gmail inbox sending it to myself and also have saved it in my computer offline.

I don't know about any other procedure of keeping keys safe, if there is one please do share it here.

But one can be cautious enough and don't click or feed their keys on suspecious links across hive platform.

I suggest this before as well that if we had 2FA here on Hive then it might have been more awesome because one drawback here is that once someone losses his keys then it's probably unrecoverable.

So, it's probably safe to have 2FA and a procedure for recovering of lost keys.