Friday Market | Buy Fan, Sandals, and Visit ADI SPORT Sigli Store

Authored by @afridany

Hi all my friends in the Friday Market Community, how are you having a good day. This Friday I will share a story of my shopping trip at a fan shop.


Zea was crying hard enough, it took me by surprise. It turned out that the room was very hot. The new fan broke, and tonight we really had to get ready for bed in the hot, cramped room.

My wife is ready, because all our shopping money is gone. "Tomorrow we buy another," I said.

"Dad have money?" Ask him. I am happy.

During this time I had a small amount of savings, which I saved for my annual shop rental where I worked as a barber. And I'm not telling you.

That afternoon I asked him to buy a fan, he didn't believe it. But actually, I took the knife and opened a calendar in front of him. I told him to count. He was half lethargic, but while folding one meeting he saved. I thought the amount was small, it turned out to be enough to buy a good fan.

I went to the market of Sigli town, and entered a few shops. At the first shop, I met a young, yellow-haired merchant. The production hair is banged like a Korean K-pop star. We offer several types of fans, and offer their prices. For that merchant, it didn't cost one bit. My wife was giddy and refused.

I came to the second shop, I met a gentleman-style trader, without me asking, like a sales marketing guy down, he explained several types of wind fans along with their prices and the exact price. My wife glanced at me curiously. I noticed his attention, and he looked across.

We walked over to a third merchant, the merchant's name was Samson. coincidentally the shop is opposite beside a sports shop that belongs to me. Instead of wanting to get a cheap price, I approached them. Samson is a rebellious person, like a village boy out of town, lacks social relations and has high self-confidence. As if he was the master of trading in electronics and slamming prices. He also desperately maintained the market price according to the first store, the second store.

I also let go of the offer to his wife, even though I have been waiting for two hours the price has not come down. I walked out of the Samson store and into my sister's sports shop.

I Watch on Hive, as I was already planning to post about this shop. Finally I decided to aim at some corners of some of the displays in this shop.

Whereas before, I had photographed the fan shop. For some reason I thought my thoughts were reversed and discussed some of the pictures I had taken.

I think sharing photos of this sports shop is better than Samson's fan shop. However, there is an interesting picture for me to post, namely a picture of a wall clock.


Friends, I want to tell you a little about this sports shop. The owner is my sister. People from England have stopped by this shop. My sister built it with great difficulty. Now he is successful and can buy whatever he wants.

I dare say he is one of the successful entrepreneurs in developing a sports shop in our city of Aceh. I see traders from China are the trading network. And he also built relationships with some merchants from other countries. This is a surprise and very inspiring. Even though he was born into a poor family. Our parents have no property. He built it with faith and trust.

Photos of the ADI SPORT SIGLI Store I shot from several angles.













Now he has long-term assets to support his family. In fact, he can provide assistance for my business capital. I am proud to see his success.

The photos that I took are some of the displays of items such as shoes, clothes, balls, and all complete sports equipment here.

If you want to visit or interview him, and want to know how he is in the business, just come to the Adi Sport Shop Address Kota Sigli, Aceh Indonesia.

And that's gays, I don't want to tell you more. Because I would love to hear of his struggles.

Outside it was pouring rain. I saw a cigarette, and used it while talking to him. We are very close even though I often beat him. But, that is part of my past with him.

While waiting for the rain to stop I looked at his merchandise. I think this is very very interesting. Some visitors to this shop often take pictures and capture photos together. Customers are mostly police, army and government employees. And can be categorized as sports lovers who pioneered a career in the world of sports.

It started to rain. I returned to Samson's shop and saw my wife was waiting, her face sullen. He had already paid for the fan and bought a box of delicious resolutions on sale on the side.

On the way home, I stopped at a sandal shop. I also bought sandals for the kids before my money ran out.


I tried on my motorbike and headed home happy. how not the children will surely jump happily on the bed tonight. And will sleep until tomorrow morning again bringing hope to achieve dreams.



It's no fun not having a fan on a really hot night, especially when you have young ones trying to sleep and they are uncomfortable. Living on the budget is the only way one can do it and make the money spread everywhere that it needs to go. Sometimes it's hard when things don't go exactly as planned, especially when something breaks before its time. I am so happy that you were able to buy a fan and that you took the time to introduce us to your brother's shop. The fan shop, I'm sure it's very nice, however, the sports shops is a matter of pride. The merchandise looks to be top-notch and there is a variety of it to choose from. It looks like he also makes trophies for the sports so he must be an all-inclusive shop. I am sure you are very proud of him, as you should be oh, of course, sibling rivalry has outgrown by now it's very nice that you are proud to see success in him. I see that you also stop to get sandals and so I would say that you had a very productive day. I am sure there will be lots of jumping happily on the bed tonight. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

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