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Hello Fellow Hivers!
Hope everyone having a very relaxed weekend.
Today, we will be talking about a Splinterlands battle featuring our card of the week, Magi Necrosi.
If you are not sure what Splinterlands is, make sure to give this articles a read and at the end you will find some information to get started with the game.



Four hundred years before the first rift opened, the first whispers of chaos brought dark beasts under a blood moon to the Tower of Azdurj. Creatures of nightmare began hunting by night, lurking the valleys and crawling on the wind.
In desperation, the acolytes of Azdurj sought forbidden tomes, long sealed beneath their tower. By the candlelight of hidden recesses within their tower's crypt, the first Necrosi were born. Forged to battle the spawn of Chaos, these bounty hunters are eager to take up the fight.

The Death Splinter is undoubtedly one of the strongest Splinter with its wide range of strong monsters. With the introduction of Chaos Legion too, we have been introduced with many strong cards in the Death Splinter.
As Death summoners are mostly known for their debuff stats, for the damage we need to rely on the monsters. And with our featured card, Magi Necrosi provides us with enough magic damage to win matches.
Before we see this card in action, let us quickly go over the stats and abilities of the card.

Rarity: EPIC
Element: DEATH
Attack: MAGIC

Magi Necrosi is a 6 mana heavy magic damage dealer with 2 magic damage, 4 speed and 4 hp at level 1. Additionally the card also comes with super useful abilities Snipe
Camouflage at level 1. The card gets 3 magic damage at level 3 making it even more dangerous and at level 4 the card gets Oppress and at level 6 it gets another useful ability of Stun.
Quite a package we got here!
For our today's battle, we will be covering a battle in which we are using a rented level 5 Grund because I am poor and only own 1 bcx of the card.


  • Mana Cap : 38

  • Rule sets :
    Target Practice: All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability.
    Unprotected: Monsters do not have any armor and do not get armor from Abilities or Summoner Buffs.

  • Available Splinters :


Summoner46For this battle, we chose a level 6 Thaddius Brood, the 4 mana Death summoner from the Chaos Legion set. The summoner inflicts the opponent deck with -1 magic damage and -1 hp which is quite strong and often becomes the deciding factor in battles.
Position 165As the tank, we have chosen to play a level 5 Cursed Windeku with 3 melee damage, 3 speed and 10 hp. Cursed Windeku is one of the most popular low mana tank mostly because of it's strong abilities of Thorns from level 1 and at level 5 and above it gets Heal making it even more resilient.
Position 248In the second position as our secondary tank, we are playing a level 8 Shadow Snitch with 3 melee damage, 4 speed and 6 hp. Additionally, the card comes with Reach and Affliction.
Position 348In the third position, we are playing a card with no attack yet with useful abilities like Flying Scavenger Backfire and Headwinds. And the card is Riftwing, which is quite a staple for Target Practice rule set.
Position 476In the fourth position, we are playing a level 6 Dhampir Stalker with 4 archery damage, 3 speed and 7 hp along with very well synergized abilities of True Strike and Deathblow.
Position 573In the next position, we are playing another archer from the Death splinter, a level 3 Lira the Dark. The card comes very handy with 3 archery damage, 6 speed and 6 hp. Apart from the base stats, the card's ability of Opportunity Snare and Swiftness makes it stand out even more .
Position 664In the last position of our deck we are playing the card of the week, Magi Necrosi. And for this battle we are playing a level 4 copy of the card that comes with the base stats of 3 magic damage, 4 speed and 5 hp. Though the base stats itself is impressive alone, the card also comes with SnipeCamouflage and Oppress.


Summoner46Like us, our opponent too is playing a level 6 Thaddius Brood. Looks like we will be experiencing a close and exciting battle with similar line ups.
Position 166And as expected with the summoner, the opponent too is playing a Cursed Windeku as their tank. However, unlike us, we are facing a level 6 copy of the card that has 1 additional hp compared to our level 5 copy making the hp of the card 11 .
Position 248We are facing another card from our selection in the battle, a level 8 Riftwing. The opponent though is playing the card in the second position unlike our third position.
Position 346In the third position, we are facing a reward card that went out of print recently, a level 6 Venari Bonesmith with 2 magic damage, 4 speed and 4 hp along with Life Leech and Poison abilities.
Position 468Next, in the fourth position we are facing a level 8 Supply Runner. The neutral reward card comes with 3 ranged damage, 5 speed and 5 hp. Additionally, the card comes with a very useful ability of Swiftness.
Position 573In the fifth spot, like us, the opponent too is playing a level 3 Lira the Dark.
Position 676In the last spot, we will be facing another card we are playing in our deck, a level 6 Dhampir Stalker.


  • Round 1:

In the first round, the opponent team's Venari Bonesmith got the better of our Riftwing and took it out. Luckily for us our featured card Magi Necrosi got us back in the battle by taking out the Riftwing from the opponent deck with 2x damage courtesy of Oppress ability. And later in the round, our Dhampir Stalker gave us the upper hand by taking out the Venari Bonesmith.

  • Round 2:

Like the first round, round two started off badly for us as the Lira from the opponent team takes out our Dhampir Stalker in the first turn of the round.
And Magi Necrosi comes to our rescue again as it took out the Supply Runner from the opponent deck followed by a Shadow Snitch getting the important kill of the Cursed Windeku. However, the Dhampir Stalker from the opponent team eliminated our Lira before the end of the round.

  • Round 3:

Our Cursed Windeku got the only kill of the round as it eliminated Lira from the front position.

  • Round 4:

And Surely we get our victory against my fellow guild mate as the Shadow Snitch eliminates the Dhampir Stalker.

THE BATTLE LINK : Interested to watch the full battle ? You can watch it here

Did My Strategy Work?
My strategy was to go heavy with damage to take down the opponent's Snipe position monsters where our featured card, Magi Necrosi plays a pivotal role. And we also played the deadly duo of Lira and Dhampir Stalker to deal some serious archery damage. Not only that, playing Shadow Snitch at the Reach position helped us to take down the opponent's higher level Cursed Windeku before it could take down ours.
Though with Target Practice we already get Snipe ability, it kind of made the ability useless for our Magi Necrosi, the Oppress ability came in very handy to take down the Riftwing with double damage.
Additionally the magic damage for Magi Necrosi was suppressed to 2 only because the opponent played Thaddius Brood, but still our star card managed to get 2 important kills in the first 2 rounds in the battle proving to be the real MVP of the battle.

Do I like Magi Necrosi? Why or why not?
Magi Necrosi is one of my favorite cards from the Chaos Legion set simply due to it's decent magic damage combined with all the useful abilities specially Camouflage. It quite often finds it's way to my line ups whenever I play the Death Splinter. I own a level 4 copy of the card and would love to gradually level it up more.

Do support my article if you found it interesting.

If you have not played Splinterlands yet and interested in joining the game, you may use my affiliate link to get started and I will hook you up with a few competetive cards delegated.


Until you come across my post again ...

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