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Hello Fellow Hivers!
Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend with family and friends.
I am back again with another Splinterlands posts.
And today, we will be talking about a Splinterlands battle featuring the rule set BACK TO BASICS
If you are not sure what Splinterlands is, make sure to give this articles a read and at the end you will find some information to get started with the game.



Monsters lose all abilities.

The cards in Splinterlands are not all about the base stats. It is the abilities that are what makes cards interesting and make things complex in battles. And with all the cards available in the game and new ones being introduced frequently, it is very hard to master and figure out the best line ups and combinations.
However, to mix things up, we sometimes come across a rule set that strips out all the abilities of the monsters and we have to find the best combination of cards with decent enough attack and defense to win us the battle.
In today's post we talk about a battle with the rule set BACK TO BASICS and see how the monsters with no abilities perform in a Silver league battle in one of my alt account.



  • Mana Cap : 33
  • Rule sets :

Going the Distance: Only Monsters with Ranged attack may be used in battles.
Back to Basics: Monsters lose all abilities.

  • Available Splinters :


Summoner42For this battle, we chose a level 2 Tarsa since that is the summoner we had available in the account. Even though this is a summoner that favors melee attackers greatly with it's +1 to melee, the +1 to hp can be useful in the battle.
Position 161At the first position, we are playing a level 1 Molten Ash Golem with 1 archery damage, 1 speed and 9 hp. Even though the card has Close Range, because of the battle's rule set, it will not be able to attack and we are only using it for it's hp and hope it can take a few hits.
Position 292In the second position, we are playing a level 2 Lava Launcher with 3 archery damage, 3 speed, 6 shield and 6 hp.Like our Molten Ash Golem at the first position, this card too has Close Range which could have been of great use, but the high attack and the armor would be super useful.
Position 341In the third which happens to be the last position for my line ups due to insufficient cards in the account, we are playing a level 1 Scavo Firebolt. The card is having 2 archery damage, 2 speed and 4 hp for the cost of mere 4 mana.


Summoner41Like us, the opponent too, went with a Tarsa. However, since we are facing a level 1 Tarsa, we have slight advantage against our opponent
Position 131In the first position the opponent chose to play a level 1 Lava Spider. For the cost of 3 mana, the card comes with 1 archery damage, 2 speed and 4 hp. And in the battle it will act as a meat shield only while the archers from the back attack.
Position 261In the second position, we are facing a level 1 Molten Ash Golem, the card we are playing at the first position.
Position 341In the third position, we are faing the same card we are playing, a level 1 Scavo Firebolt .
Position 461Next, in the fourth position and last position from the opponent line up, we are facing a level 1 Mantoid, the Neutral card from the Untamed set with 2 archery damage, 2 speed and 5 hp as it's .


  • Round 1:

Uploading image.png #27

In the first round, our Scavo Firebolt drew the first blood as it took down the Lava Spider from the front position. And the battle seemed evenly poised.

  • Round 2:

In round two, see do not see any causalities from either of he teams as both teams had 3 monsters left.

  • Round 3:

In the third round, we lost our Molten Ash Golem as the opponent's Scavo Firebolt dealt the killing blow. However, we soon fought back as our Scavo Firebolt too got another kill as it eliminated the Molten Ash Golem from the opponent's line up.

  • Round 4:

In the fourth round, we do not experience much action as both teams had 2 monsters left with no damage done in the round.

  • Round 5:

Similar to the fourth round, n the fifth round too, we do not see much action as we look forward to the next round.

  • Round 6:

In the sixth round, our Scavo Firebolt takes down the opponent team's Scavo Firebolt as we move closer to victory.

  • Round 9:

In round seven and eight, we do not see much action as the opponent team's Mantoid was the last monster standing and could not attack from the first position and our Scavo Firebolt was gradually dealing damage to it taking us closer to victory.
And finally in the ninth round, the Scavo Firebolt was finally able to land the killing blow and gave us the deserved victory.

THE BATTLE LINK : Interested to watch the full battle ? You can watch it here

My strategy was to go play the limited archery monsters I had available in the Fire Splinter and place them in the best possible manner. I wanted to make use of the Lava Launcher in the best possible way and build my team around it as this was the only monster dealing good damage and has nice defensive abilities as well and we could not simply rely on it's damage and place it at the end while our rest of the team takes damage as they will go down relatively fast specially our Scavo Firebolt with 4 hp.
Therefore placing the Lava Launcher in the second position was the best option available as it would be able to sustain a long time while our Scavo Firebolt dealt enough damage.


4The Scavo Firebolt was the real show stealer with all 4 kills in the battle. However, we can not give credit to Scavo Firebolt alone to win us the battle as the only reason the card was able to get the kills was because of a great defensive show by the other cards.
0Though our Lava Launcher was unable to get a kill in the battle, it is the defensive contribution of the card that deserves a mention without a doubt. Lava Launcher has always been known for it's high archery damage and that too being able to attack from the first position. But in this battle we get to see it's versatility.

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Until you come across my post again ...


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