Tennessee Titans DOMINATE the Kansas City Chiefs, 27-3

Since the Titans defeated the Chiefs, many are going to say the Chiefs simply stink, and that's why they lost. Yet, those are likely the same people that thought the Chiefs were going to beat the Titans today. Countless 'analysts' thought the Chiefs would be victorious.

In addition to those facts, the Titans DOMINATED the Chiefs. I don't know if the Mahomes-era Chiefs have ever been held to three points in a game, but I really don't know.

I'm so proud of this team! The Titans have a ridiculous amount of injuries in general, especially in the defensive secondary, but somehow they managed to dominate one of the best teams in the NFL the past 3-4 seasons. The Chiefs offense is typically a powerhouse. But somehow, and I honestly have no idea how, the Titans showed up on defense. This has to be the best defensive showing they've had all year. The Titans d-line played amazing today. Defensive end/outside linebackers Bud Dupree and Harold Landry III showed what they can be capable of on the edge. The defensive line as a whole has been very good for the Titans so far this season.

King Henry, didn't play lights out, but he was solidly productive still. He finished the day with 107 total yards, and one touchdown. But what's interesting is, five of those yards, and his one touchdown was on a trick play where he actually passed the ball to TE MyCole Pruitt for a five yard touchdown pass.

While everyone thinks that as soon as you slow Henry down, you have the Titans figured out, today the Chiefs found out first hand how wrong that is. The Titans passing game was efficient as ever today. Nine different Titans recorded at least one reception today. A.J. and Julio are slowly becoming more of a force together. A.J. in particular, continues to show how great he is and is still becoming. He's one of my favorite Titans. His value to this team is really underrated.

  • A.J. Brown
    • 8 receptions, 133 yards, 1 TD
  • Julio Jones
    • 3 receptions, 38 yards
  • Ryan Tannehill
    • 21/27 for 270 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
    • 1 rushing TD

Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Tannehill celebrates with his iconic finger roll celebration after scoring a rushing touchdown vs the Kansas City Chiefs. 10/24/21. Src

There was not an area of this game that the Titans did not perform better than the Chiefs. The only minor flaw I can think of for the Titans, is that they did not score a single point in the second half. It is incredibly minor though, because most of the reason that happened is because the Titans absolutely dominated the Chiefs so bad in the first half. It was 27-0 at halftime. So even though the Titans didn't score, the Chiefs only managed a field goal themselves.

This game was over in two quarters. I really feel like the Titans made the Chiefs quit at halftime. It didn't feel like the Chiefs had a shot today.

It feels like the Titans are a new team after that embarrassing loss to the Jets a few weeks back. The Titans have now defeated the Bills, and the Chiefs in consecutive weeks. That is last season's AFC Title matchup, right there.

People can flip it, twist it, and reverse it all they want. What the Titans just accomplished this last two weeks is extremely impressive.

If the Titans don't get cocky, can continue to work on their weaknesses, and get freaking HEALTHY, this could be a magical season. I feel like the Titans are a real championship threat.

Unfortunately, Lombardi Trophies aren't handed out in October. And all I can do is watch.

Honestly though, no matter what happens I'm just glad that my favorite team is elite, and fun to watch!

It's all entertainment at the end of the day.

But I can't wait to watch the rest of this season play out! BIG Colts game next week. Hopefully they lose tonight, I'll be rooting for the 49ers!

#Titanup!!! Let's GOOOOOOO

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