Acolytes of Helio - Recruitment Bounty

Authored by @kotenoke


Hello Acolytes!

I hope you all have been doing wonderfully. It has been a quiet few weeks lately but we are getting back into gear. As part of this, we want to really kick start our recruitment efforts and find some great new people to join us in our adventures. As a part of this initiative, I'm happy to announce to you all a new bounty program we will be kicking off.

The Bounty

In an effort to reach new and existing Splinterlands players, the guild will pay out 100 DEC to authors to write recruitment posts. We have a few initial requirements and will monitor this program over the next month or so. Earnings from these posts would be used to continue to fund this program assuming it is successful.

  • Post should set @acolytesofhelio as at least 30% beneficiary
  • Payouts will be limited to 1 post per week per author
  • We have a surprise reward for the author that has the best post at the end of this initiative as agreed upon by the council

Brawl Updates

As most of you know, we kicked off another new program recently to award our kickass members with free cards for doing well in Brawls. I want to recognize 3 members (@pix21, @valdiva, and @magalli) for being the first to take advantage of this new program. Enjoy your reward cards!

Operator Accounts

Members who want to play our guild accounts step forward! We currently have 2 accounts available.

  • Rewards include a 50/50 split of DEC and the burn value of cards. Reach out to @kotenoke if you'd like advice on how to track this easily.
  • Operators are expected to post result updates either Monthly or Seasonally. Take a look at @kotenoke's most recent report here for an example of what to include.


About the Acolytes

We are the Acolytes and Disciples of Helio, we try to define us as a human base layer DAO. We are a bunch of gamers and bloggers on hive and several other platforms. Our members hold various gaming NFTs throughout multiple metaverses such as Hive, WAX, GALA, and Sandbox. Initially, we started as a Splinterlands guild and it remains a core focus. We create content on hive, twitch, and other platforms to contribute to the buzz around this vibrant new play to earn world.

Our guild is an active Hive curator and supports quality content focused on Gaming, NFTs, art, and other content.

How to join our guild:

To join Disciples of Helio please complete the below steps:

  1. Join our Guild Discord channel.
  2. Once in discord introduce yourself with a bit of your Splinterlands or P2E background and why you are interested.
  3. Pay our monthly 100 DEC membership fee to @acolytesofhelio

Guild Requirements:

We strive to have an active membership that is interested in both Splinterlands and the idea of working together. As such we have a few requirements:

  1. Keep current with guild membership fees: 100 Dec per month
    Interact with the guild regularly on Discord. Discord is our primary communication medium
  2. Post on Hive. At the end of the day, we value members that value the Hive environment. Our members have all grown their Hive accounts by actively supporting each other and we expect the same from newer members.
  3. Purchase at least 1 Cartel token. We work closely with OneUp and the 1UP-Cartel and require members to hold at least 1 token. Check this post for details on the Cartel.

Guild Benefits:

Why join a guild and pay a fee; well because you get benefits to doing so of course.

  1. Bonus DEC per win: 2-3% currently
  2. Access to Brawls and Gladiator cards
  3. Automatic curation from the Guild account for all Hive Posts
  4. Voting rights on the fate of the guild and its assets.
  5. Free cards with winning all matches during a brawl
  6. Access to knowledgeable members to help you build your decks and grow yourself in the P2E world.


Active Membership

Acolytes of Helio
Disciples of Helio


Disclaimers: All images and content are owned by the Acolytes unless otherwise noted.

Hive Basic Income (HBI)
HBI is effectively an automated curation tool that will upvote your HIVE posts forever. It is an amazing way to ensure you get some income from all of the time you spend teaching others via posting your strategies, analysis, and thoughts. You can read more about HBI in their FAQ.


If you are new to the Crypto space and wish to support the guild, please consider sponsoring @acolytesofhelio in a HBI purchase, or via a card/DEC donation. Delegating tokens (HP, CENT, SPT, or ONEUP) to @acolytesofhelio will help us increase our curation capabilities.

Finally, if you read this post and have no idea what Splinterlands is but want to try it out, please use this link to join the game and this link to join our Discord server to ask us a ton of questions.

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Great to see the acolytes getting into gear again, we need to fill those spots.


Agreed, best thing about our group is we actually like talking to each other so the more the merrier.