Long On Technology. Only a Fool Would Short it at This Point...


Smartphones, wearables, VR, social media, fast internet data... All of these have somehow made our life a bit better, easier, but "enslaved us" into this bundle as well. I guess it's hard to count only the positives when it comes to anything so impactful as technology is. For some it's heaven on earth, for others is quite hard to keep up the pace with the progress tech is currently having.

Technology is going to push society into the next level and the 21 century will be marked by a technological revolution. Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, as the real life use case of such piece of tech is not that wide spread yet.

However, 10% of early-stage startups are working on blockchain and knowing that blockchain is often times defined by its exponential growth, I have no doubt the numbers will basically double in no time. DeFi, NFTs, #playtoearn and the concept of metaverses are going to make blockchain technology a day to day used reality in no time.

Even the word "reality" will gain new meanings and valences. What we once used to call as virtual reality and something apart from us, will sooner than later become an integrated part of our everyday living. Somehow, humanity is unconsciously asking for it... I have two examples of real life talks that made me get to this conclusion.


I met with a neighbor today, after quite some years, as he lives in Italy for as long as I can remember and from a topic to another we ended up discussing money, how I do it, how he does it and so on. And he seemed so desperate about escaping the rat race and getting into investing, putting the money to work, so I brought crypto to the table.

He has definitely heard of it, bought some I don't know what shitty coins or something, he had an eTorro account, attended investing classes, but he lost more money than he made. Now, I'm not the best example when it comes to investing in crypto, but I know a thing or two and promised to help him get a minimal understanding of crypto and maybe invest a few bucks in it.

I'll do anything, except working, he told me and I have truly resonated with his feelings. I am running away from work for over four years as well and honestly, can't wait for the day robots will do all the damn work on earth, but we're not that close to seeing such a scenario as a reality. As I mentioned earlier, there's this unconscious desire of exceeding our current condition.

A few days ago I talked with an acquaintance of mine who owns a cleaning services business in Goteborg, Sweden. He has close to 50 employees, everything's running smooth, but most of his services are provided to constructions sites and he said that for the moment there is a boom in that area in this regard. Sweds are building like there's no tomorrow, but there's the fear that the real estate bubble shall burst in 2024.

In what should I put my money so I don't have to work for my entire life and live rest assured of having enough of it until retirement, I'm so fed up with this rat race, the man told me. I welcomed his question with a big smile and simply answered: Bitcoin. If I were him I would put at least one million euros in Bitcoin with my eyes closed. It's the best hedge one could have, hands down.

You see, the search is real, there are all sort of examples of people, from different layers of this society that are unconsciously looking for a form of investment, something like probably DeFi, that should take the burden off their shoulders when it comes to income. The problems is that most of them end up gambling between all sort of assets and strategies without the proper education.

I would have highly recommended them Leofinance, for the purpose of education, but neither understands English...unfortunately.

"Shorting technology" at this point is probably the dumbest bet an investor could have. We don't know what the next year has for us, nobody knows for sure how high Bitcoin can go, when and how a bear market should occur and to what extent blockchain technology will be integrated in our daily lives, but technology is definitely not in a bubble, it is actually the pin.

Gold, oil and probably real estate too, are in a bubble. I'm not investing in any of these. I'm betting on tech and my blog is living proof of that.

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