Academic Twitter at-a-glance - 24 Oct 2022

This is what academic Twitter is sharing on 24 October 2022, based on hashtag academictwitter.

1'Future Blogs via ichoosefeminism AcademicTwitter Academic'
2' Call for Paper January and July Religious Education AcademicChatter academictwitter OpenAcademics DOAJplus Scopus INDvsPAK staracademy2022'
3'😱💀👻🎃 AcademicTwitter'
4Don't forget to check out our site for more info on how we can help! phd AcademicTwitter academia research
5'Global network set up to stamp out contract cheating in HE'. Interesting initiative. academicintegrity academictwitter plagiarism
6'New piece -- "How to Self-Fund your PhD" Free for everyone -- part of an upcoming talk for Usyd_ssps HDR Workshop Tues from 1-2pm. PhD phdchat phdforum PHDlife AcademicChatter academictwitter workingbnb AcademicJobs Happy to answer questions:'
9'The InstAustGeog conferences are very nurturing for PhD and other postgraduate students. Consider joining the the Institute so that you can also be supported to attend! Geography geographyteacher PhD phdchat academictwitter'
10'Love this - such a fabulous and fun idea for academic parents! SocialWorkTwitter AcademicTwitter'
11'Hire me for quality work at an affordable price. paysomeone academictwitter academichelp coursework Payessay powerpoint onlineclass uk usa 100DaysOfCode WomenWhoCode NodeJS IoT Python javascript Econometrics webdev Text/Call +1 (469) 270 7118'
13From our latest issue: 'The secret art of pedagogical alchemy: Creating joy, resistance and hope in neoliberal times' by UnionProudCWood from theqtu. SOTL OpenAccess AcademicTwitter
15'Just mention the service you need and rest assured that you will have the best service. Zeroplagiarism Onlineclass Econometrics Calculus AcademicTwitter AssignmentDue Homeworkhelp ResearchPaper SomeoneHelp Mcgraw canvas Aleks xula hbcu pvamu ncat iot'
16'Formación y Narrativa. Núcleos de sentido a partir del recorrido autobiográfico umaeditorial academictwitter BotdeEducacion\xa0 education 👉'
17'And do not forget that postgraduate student members of the IAG may apply for financial support from the Institute and to attend the Postgraduate Workshop on Tuesday 4 July! IAG2023 GeogResearch Geography AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter'
18'Is PubMed experiencing an outage? Just me? AcademicTwitter sciencetwitter neuroscience'
19' halloweencostume reviewer2 AcademicTwitter'
20'Just *who* submits something to the "Mega Journal of Case Reports"?! Don't do it people! 😆 MedTwitter cardiotwitter AcademicTwitter'
21'From PLOSCompBiol "Ten Simple Rules" Collection: Ten simple rules for finding and selecting R packages AcademicTwitter phdchat'
24'We got to LA early pre ASHG22 to wish Lebron & the lakers a great game!! ⛹🏽\u200d♂️🏀😎 WorkLifeBalance academictwitter newPI'
25'Just published by MacqueenSuzanne + myself - the experiences of academic staff supporting firstgen students in highered. university academictwitter'
26'Op-ed: Bettors beware in the midterms | Via \u2066 RealClearNews\u2069 politics independents socent academictwitter'
29I have the feeling that this greatly happens in academia. We constantly check emails, we constantly work, we are constantly striving for more. No judgement toward single individual, I know it's the system. But are we at least aware of it? AcademicMentalHealth academictwitter
35Are you still working from home, PhD's? Want to create a bit structure & thrive in a community? Try us out 💡 Super friendly & open PhD's, sharing the ups & down of PhD life. Join us Mon, Wed or Fri: 08:45 - 15:15 PhD academictwitter
37'Follow us on Instagram: PhD phdlife phdmemes phdchat phdforum AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter academia research'
39Reminder to submit your scientist blurbs! We're taking bios until the end of November! We've already got so many cool submissions, let's keep them coming. See post for more deets 🔬🧪🐯🐢🕷🦑🦜 scicomm dei jedi sciencetwitter academictwitter phdvoice STEM STEMeducation
41'Tomorrow!! More info and registration is just a click away: AcademicTwitter AmericanStudies universeh_eu HHU_de Univ_Toulouse'
42'"There’s a lot of research out there that shows that when you get media coverage and visibility it actually brings more people to your academic research articles." — DrSheenaHoward AcademicTwitter'
43'Share your perspective on topics that are central to the professional growth of scientists. Propose a new article topic or visit for ideas: stemeducation stemcareers scicomm academicchatter academictwitter phdchat phdvoice'
49'Do you conduct field research or work at a field site? Please consider donating 3-5 minutes of your day to complete this survey so we can assess accessibility for scientists with disabilities: disabilities Academia Field research academictwitter'
53'Researchers’ epistemological choices are deliberate and absolutely fair game for critique. I’m learning the importance of seeing the moral and ethical intentionality in researchers’ decision-making as a demand of a critical-social-science researcher orientation. AcademicTwitter'
54'Expectativas umaeditorial academictwitter BotdeEducacion\xa0 education 👉'
55'Fantastic! Hope you enjoy DoBetterResearch PhDChat AcademicTwitter Research'
59'Check out our newest article published on the British Journal of Surgery🔥 Inside_TheMatch IMG_Advocate Storieslmg Projecting lmgJourney MedTwitter MedEd insidethematch research FOAMed AcademicTwitter PostDocLife DayinTheLab'
63'Sexist/racist fascist/religious conservative/rich libertarians/republicans fear an educated populus otv UFOs aliens uav drone DisinformationDozen ThisWeekInFascism StochasticTerrorism ufoTwitter AcademicTwitter Renaissance Enlightenment debunked'
64PhD and planning are inseparable. But more often than not, it NEVER works! Either we procrastinate till we fall into anxiety or overwork to the point of burnout. Here's a little🧵for procrastination-proof planning! PhDlife PhDchat phdtips AcademicTwitter
67'Blacks Honoring Hispanics through Art is a Wonderful Read. Check it out. hispanicheritagemonth hiphop hispanicheritage graffiti lowrider latino art academicchatter music academictwitter Phd artists blackartist chicano tattoo ink'
68' philosophy teachers students education Politics AcademicTwitter lrnchat edchat blendchat elearning pbl pblchat passiondriven ntchat edtech ukedchat edtech mlearning web20 flipclass edchat BYOD iPaded EdApps k12 cpchat highered 21stedchat whatischool'
70'Feel like a child who hasn’t done their homework by Sunday night! But determined to have this paper finished soon so Sunday evening writing it is phdchat academictwitter'
71Hi there! are u stressed bc of ur assigns, acts, DLs & u have no more time to finish it all up? Worry no more, J & A services is here to help u lessen those backlogs. If u're interested, just see pictures for more details. studytwtph AcademicTwitter academiccommissionph
77' AcademicTwitter What project or collaboration led you down your favourite journey? Why?'
78'Please join us for our November workshop on developing a strong network of readers for your work and strategies to get feedback you can use for your dissertation or peer reviewed article. AcademicTwitter OpenAcademics'
79'This is how much it costs to attend an in-person conference! AcademicTwitter CIKM SIGIR AcademicChatter claclarke lauradietz99 behrouzmansoury totopampin ShubhamC526'
80'Late evening in the TsaousisLab to take care of my protists pets in preparation for the protistology practical that I am organizing for our biokent biology students! AcademicTwitter weekendwork AcademicWeekend'
81'Just doing some shopping... Is this a normal thing that nematodes got Free Delivery... and why? AcademicChatter AcademicTwitter'
87'Estaciones de aprendizaje en un centro de educación especial umaeditorial academictwitter BotdeEducacion\xa0 education 👉'
88Was re-reading tressiemcphd's op-ed, particularly impacted by her focus on the labor issues in higher ed & the balance of challenging students and accommodating their learning and discomfort. 💯 relatable AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter OpenAcademics
89'Tenured professors about teaching hours in any university in Spain AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter'
90'Hey conference world! Time to boycott anti-choice abortion ban states! Don’t let your organization support misogyny & the criminalization of healthcare! Don’t attend! Put your $ where your ✊ is. AcademicChatter AcademicTwitter AbortionIsHealthcare'
93'Not sure I am making sense with my metaphor. Working out loud. Why Most Productivity Advice is Pointless AcWri AcademicChatter AcademicTwitter'
94'The following is an infographic for the information on cohesion in academic writing.  AcademicTwitter T20WorldCup'
96'Register by Sunday evening for this in-person PhD recruiting event! econtwitter academictwitter'
97When was the last time you had a custom writing retreat perfect for you? Never?! I'll send you my free guide to DIY your very own writing retreat. Info Acwri AcademicTwitter
99' AceLocale provide students help through: 👨\u200d🏫Online Tutoring 👨\u200d🏫Expert Help with Homework 🥇Skilled Writers and Tutors 📚Online Exams Preparation 👨\u200d🎓Expert Academic Help Contact today! Assignments Exams students education AcademicTwitter'
101' academictwitter how do we make this spread?'
104'white women are simply… diabolical 🤢 AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter LizHoover'
105'Nelson Mandela Puzzle for Sale by Joedee NJCA ados jimcrow academicchatter blm blackexcellence BlackLivesMatter blackart blackartist africa prisonart prison Mandela Artforsale academictwitter'
107'Skills required to apply for a postdoc position AcademicTwitter'
114I have no idea how this happened but just got notified that my book landed on the 'Amazon Hot New Releases' page. Feeling extremely grateful, especially during these tough times! amazon eeg ai ml dl neuroscience AcademicChatter academictwitter women WomenEmpowerment
120WTF?!? I go back and forth everyday on whether I should continue to follow AcademicTwitter... this post literally punched me in the gut and made me hurt and buzz throughout my body... I don't think that feeling will ever go away and me makes me very sad...
121Subscribe to our Politics & IR newsletter to stay updated on books, resources, news and offers. You'll also be entered into a monthly competition to win $50 of Bloomsbury books! ✉️: T&Cs: Politics AcademicTwitter
124'Currently on sale 😎 PalgraveLit AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter academicWriting'
125' Checking out the new platform
126' DeepLearning Robotics 100DaysOfCode Tech SpaceX Tesla Neuralink IoTchannel InternetofThings IoT IIoT IoTCommunity IoTCommunity Grants DigitalTransformation Cloud Financing Startups AR iGRPF AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter Medicine 100DaysOfCode'
128'Fact Phobia! biology AcademicTwitter collegelife'
129'Prison Art 101: How do you make art as a prisoner? artists enddeathpenalty ados PR academictwitter BLM undergroundart ATL artdealer ink prisoners blackartist'
133'BP Targets in Comatose Cardiac Arrest Survivors NEJM BloodPressure Cardiology CardioEd cardiotwitter MedEd medtwitter SciComm AcademicTwitter'
136'A Researchpaper from Japan COVID-19 Epidemics Monitored Through the Logarithmic Growth Rate and SIR Model Submit your manuscript: researchpapers Japanese growth Covid COVID19 Research Medical AcademicTwitter Academic'
137'Just clean up your shit 😠 OpenAcademics AcademicChatter AcademicTwitter'
143' AcademicTwitter acad commissionsopen Commission commstwt commision'
144' AcademicTwitter acad commissionsopen commissions commstwt Commission'
145Don't you just love finding an up-to-date meta-analysis that refines your focus and consolidates next steps? AcademicTwitter
146'Finally put a little help sheet together that will hopefully remind me the difference between terminology used. slt student revision speechandlanguage slt2022 slt2be definition phonology phonetics communication bcu AcademicTwitter'
147'Talking with grad students about careers outside of academia. There is not just one path in science! AcademicTwitter MSU_PRI michiganstateu MSUnews DDPSCEduLab DanforthCenter'
149'This AcademicTwitter'
151'Uterine Fibroid TipsForNewDocs MedEd MedTwitter medicine medical medicare health healthcare FOAMed ClinicalPearl clinicaltips MedStudents Infertility reproductivehealth UterineFibroid SciComm AcademicTwitter via 3ddmedicine'
154'What an apt representation. I truly am laughing out loud!. AcademicTwitter academia academicwriting'
157'Diagnosing male Infertility bmj_latest Infertility reproductivehealth MedEd MedTwitter science technology scicomm AcademicTwitter Research'
158' AcademicTwitter Define research in a gif. Me first. phd research science'
159'I had so much fun hosting this writing retreat with some of my new faves! AcademicTwitter WritingCommunity 😄'
162'A very last chance to join TUe_MCS as a PhD student helping colleagues from the acoustics group ( maartenhornikx) to build software and a viable OSS community surrounding it. Deadline Oct 25 PhD AcademicTwitter eindhoven'
164'Cells are able to navigate long and complicated routes through the body using self-generated chemoattractant gradients. ScienceMagazine science technology SciComm AcademicTwitter Research'
167'Check it out 12 red flags of working with a toxic boss in the academia! AcademicTwitter'
169'Just mention the service you need and rest assured that you will have the best service. Zeroplagiarism Onlineclass Econometrics Calculus AcademicTwitter assignmentdue Homeworkhelp ResearchPaper essaypay Visit our website'
170'Writing your first article review and not knowing where to start? Worried to turn into Reviewer 2? 😜 Steps and guidelines to write a constructive and kind review 👇 AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter'
171'NGS sequencing and short gun proteomics AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter AcademicMemer'
172'How often do I google myself? Once a month more or less. I try with different keywords and on Google scholar. Then I make PDFs of the pages with mentions or references to me/my work and try to organise the stuff. I am not very good at it. AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter'
174Today's ResearchTip is use your weekend to pause and reflect. Note what went well in the past week (including simply just getting through it). And what you're hopeful about or looking forward to in the coming seven days. AcademicChatter AcademicTwitter HigherEd MedEd
175'Truth is strange than fiction! So sad to see the Time magazine cover. PostdocVoice elonmusk AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter Research teaching life time magazine TIME'
177GULAG MEMORIES: The Rediscovery and Commemoration of Russia's Repressive Past by Zuzanna Bogumił. Available in paperback for $34.95/£27.95. Learn more: AcademicTwitter memorystudies humanrights
178'Just mention the service you need and rest assured that you will have the best service. Zeroplagiarism Onlineclass Econometrics Calculus AcademicTwitter AssignmentDue Homeworkhelp ResearchPaper SomeoneHelp'
181'Philosophers are fun AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter philosophy Research Researchpaper'
183'One of our brilliant dance students is fundraising to cover her tuition fees so she can stay in the UK & complete her degree. Can you help? Even chipping in a few $£ will make a difference! AcademicChatter AcademicTwitter'
184'CONGRATULATIONS drkellyallen & the team 🥳 Very proud to be a small part of this guide & that all my time spent on Twitter was totally worth it 🤣 MonashNeurosci MonashCCS Monash_FMNHS MonashUni Alfred_Research Alfred_RA_EMCR deBoer_ko CourtneyPMcLean AcademicTwitter'
189Given the unexpected popularity of this thread (!), I'm now thinking of putting on a free Zoom webinar where we'll go through some of these tools in more detail and talk about LiteratureReview generally. Would this be useful? PhDChat AcademicTwitter AcademicWriting
191'Dr. Samuel Richards is an American sociologist at penn_state. He teaches the largest race relations course in the US and argues that empathy is the core of sociology. He is also the founder of the World in Conversation project. QOTD AcademicTwitter RLife'
192'Helpful Guide for Writing for Researcers phdfriend PhD| PhDlife AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter PhDVoice epitwitter MedTwitter PhDoing PostdocVoice PhDForum PhD_Balance workingbnb phchat STEM MasterAcademia_ Fortnite shaheryar shafi phdchat acwri'
193'8 Sites To Download Research Papers For Free 8 مواقع لتحميل الأوراق البحثية مجانًا academictwitter اعلان_موسم_الرياض'
195'Wow! It has been two years to the day since I passed my EdD viva - 23rd October 2020. Time has flown by! Also Happy Doctorversary to FeefeeShelts! WLV_DoctoralCol UoWFEHW akhultgren AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter'
196This office space 😍😍 There would be at least 5 academics in a space like this in the UK institutions I've seen the inside of madting academictwitter AcademicChatter
197'Here is a Primer Video on the Binomial Distribution. Thanks for Sharing! Binomial Distribution Watch here: Statistics DataScience data stats AcademicTwitter ML BigData Analytics'
201'1 year ago my article was published with tandfonline in CSP_journal. Since then Intelligence disclosure had gained a lot of traction globally. Here’s to another year of great research impacting future works: AcademicTwitter'
203‼️COMMISSIONS OPEN‼️ Hi loves! I'm accepting paperwork, unlocks, etc. For proof of work and feedback pls go to my profile. Below are my updated t&c/offers. For interested, just send me a dm or leave a comment. \U0001f90d AcademicTwitter academicwriting WritingCommunity commstwt
204It's a beautiful day! AutumnVibes autumntrees AutumnColors academictwitter
205'Even though from 2018 this is still a very useful and extensive read for anyone considering undertaking a PhD as well as existing PhD students. Hope raulpacheco enjoyed his visit to the UK… AcademicChatter AcademicTwitter'
207'You can learn how to avoid paper rejection! Start here: academictwitter academicwriting scientificwriting writing phdlife phdchat researchwriting Momademia phdforum phd thesis dissertation researchers postdocs ECR publishing scicomm'
208'Trying to work on a postdoc application and for the first time in about 12 years I don’t have access to academic databases… AcademicChatter academictwitter academia'
209'Back with a vengeance! OpenAcademics AcademicChatter AcademicTwitter'
210'Thank you for sharing JACoates As chief editor of a social sciences journal I have argued about this issue for ever. But nobody really listens academictwitter'
213' TheAcademicYear2022 AcademicTwitter Week 42/2022 AcademicChatter'
215'If you have enough WEAKNESS in your HEART to offer free SERVICES as a LABOURER & PRETENDING as a GREAT LEADER! You’re forgetting to value yourself & you’re negotiating your WORTH 🔖 leadership phdchat phdlife AcademicTwitter skills NeonT akaderneon'
216'Pretending oneself a LEADER is easier than becoming a LEADER 😭 Whatever we are DOING & pretending ourselves a LEADER someone under the BLANKET might be able to do it a Smarter way with more CREATIVITY 📝 leadership phdchat phdlife AcademicTwitter skills NeonT akaderneon'
217'Make sure that You are following HUMAS 👇👇 4.Action ( You & The yeah is on ACTION by Heart & Mind ) 5.Sustain ( Make your IMPACT Sustain for a while ) leadership phdchat phdlife AcademicTwitter skills NeonT akaderneon'
218'Doing everything by yourself/ Pretending yourself as a superhero 🦸\u200d♀️ 🦸\u200d♂️ Never make us a LEADER ✊🏻 Make sure that You are following HUMAS 👇👇 leadership phdchat phdlife AcademicTwitter skills NeonT akaderneon'
220'Is it just me if I say this reminds me of peer review in scholarly journals? AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter PeerReview NerdHumor Academic'
222'New reel on Instagram MamtaJawa MJMICRO MedStudentTwitter MedStudents microtwitter IDtwitter ASMclinMicro AmericanSocietyOfMicrobiology MayoClinic WomenInMedicine academictwitter MedEducation microbiology malaria'
223'When life imitates art // alternative caption: when you spend too much time in the lab and start seeing chemistry everywhere. academictwitter'
224'Gut bacteria alleviate smoking-related NASH by degrading gut nicotine. Read more: NASH Cancer smoking nicotine bacteria ScienceTwitter AcademicTwitter Nature Tweets by ChuanLeXiao1'
225'Obesity and Liver Disease STOPObesity LiverTwitter liver GItwitter gut obesity meded MedTwitter scicomm AcademicTwitter'
226'Ferroptosis Heterogeneity in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Reveals an Innovative Immunotherapy Combination Strategy. Read more: TNBC Cancer immunotherapy metabolism ScienceTwitter AcademicTwitter Cell_Metabolism Tweets by ChuanLeXiao1'
227Its hard to find good quality science-related christmas sweaters online.. we tried. So in true PhD fashion.. we DIYed our own. They turned out great and haven't killed us yet😅 Link OpenAcademics AcademicChatter AcademicTwitter
229'Cells are able to navigate long and complicated routes through the body using self-generated chemoattractant gradients. ScienceMagazine science technology SciComm AcademicTwitter Research'
230'Normal Structure and morphological defects of sperm cells inviTRAcom sperm Infertility reproductivehealth SciComm AcademicTwitter science health healthy'
231'Genomic Insights into the Physiology of an Iconic Unculturable Rumen Bacterium ‘Quinella’ via CbirtDirector Bioinformatics Genomics bacteria sequencing 100DaysOfCode STEM SciComm MedTwitter Biology AcademicTwitter ScienceTwitter'
232' AcademicTwitter'
235'En masse organoid phenotyping informs metabolic-associated genetic susceptibility to NASH. Read more: NASH organiod genotype phenotype GeneMutation ScienceTwitter AcademicTwitter CellPressNews Tweets by ChuanLeXiao1'
236'Direct evidence of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mitochondrial genome editing. Read more: CRISPR/Cas9 mitochondrial DNA ScienceTwitter AcademicTwitter The_InnovationJ Tweets by ChuanLeXiao1'
237'A neutralizing-protective supersite of human monoclonal antibodies for yellow fever virus. Read more: yellowfevervirus antibody Drug ScienceTwitter AcademicTwitter The_InnovationJ Tweets by ChuanLeXiao1'
238'Taylor Swift channeling her inner Reviewer 2 MidnightsTS phdchat phdmemes AcademicTwitter ecr PhDVoice PhDForum AcademicChatter'
239'The first Chinese oral anti-COVID-19 drug Azvudine launched. Read more: COVID19 Drug coronavirus sciencetwitter AcademicTwitter The_InnovationJ Tweets by ChuanLeXiao1'
242'Women academia are affected more during the pandemic HIVE AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter gender'
245If you haven't already, make sure you register for Navigating Water in the Fantastique - an online roundtable coming up this Thurs 27 Oct. Thanks to all who have been sharing the details of our roundtable far and wide. We can't wait to see you there! AcademicTwitter EnvHum
247' PhD students in their final year! AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter ScienceTwitter'
249'Congrats to RoxyPebdani on this incredibly important and impactful work about the impact of the pandemic on productivity of academic moms. AcademicTwitter Momademia AcademicMamas AcademicChatter'
252' PhD phdchat AcademicTwitter visa_for_the_us F1Visa academia'
255'My keynote at the International Association for Hallidayan Linguistics 2022 [online conference] is starting in less than an hour. All set but things can still go wrong. linguistics SFL creativity AcademicTwitter'
256Higher Ed's Hollywood Problem WritingCommunity AcademicTwitter socent
257'Video on Density Curves. Enjoy! Density Curves Watch here: Statistics DataScience data stats AcademicTwitter ML BigData Analytics'
260' INST2022 IlooklikeaPhd professor AcademicTwitter Diversity'
261THE CHALLENGES OF 'GOING GLOBAL': The US should take its HigherEducation to the world via timeshighered AcademicTwitter
262'I've found my new 'out of office' automatic response! ⤵️ "Going over an ocean with just a coat and vibes" 😎 AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter'
263Except that undermining someone's feelings and emotions is the exact definition of gaslighting. And many in academic are great at it! AcademicTwitter
264A short excerpt from David Yaden ExistWell and Andrew Newberg's cutting-edge guide to the psychology and neuroscience of spiritual experiences academictwitter Order your copy 📖:
268'Beta-blockers in cirrhosis: Evidence-based indications and limitations. meded MedTwitter science SciCommChat AcademicTwitter science Review Research news'
269'UFOs aliens otv uav ufo drone humans DisinformationDozen ThisWeekInFascism StochastischerTerrorismus StochasticTerrorism StochasticTerrorist ufoTwitter Debunk junk. AcademicTwitter rupture rapture scientia apocalypse Renaissance Enlightenment'
270'Academics everywhere👇 AcademicTwitter AcademicChatter'
271'Pathophysiology of portal hypertension in cirrhosis and mechanisms and sites of action of non-selective beta-blockers. MedEd MedTwitter scicomm academictwitter GITwitter liver LiverTwitter Free download:'
272'Ex vivo evaluation of IVUS-VH imaging and the role of plaque structure on peripheral artery disease VirtualHistology Atherosclerosis MedTwitter scicomm MedEd AcademicTwitter'
273'Improved AlphaFold modeling with implicit experimental information TerwillTom biodatascilab imedverse InnovationChem AlphaFold MedTwitter scicomm MedEd AcademicTwitter via naturemethods'
274'When a conference presenter opens up a PowerPoint with 100+ slides for their "15 minute" presentation. AcademicTwitter'


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