hi @friday-market group
today is November 25th, what are you doing???

I hope today is a blessing for you all @Friday-market group.
I WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESSLY MADE BANANA SELLING, we may have never heard of this one food, but its properties are very beneficial.


with a taste that is so delicious, which is mixed with grated coconut. the results are satisfying, can delay hunger for 6 hours, quite a long time isn't it?

how to make it, very simple, by the way, boil ripe bananas until the skin peels off, then drain until cool, then all the bananas that we have drained, peel all the skin, then prepare a frying pan to mash the peeled bananas.
then grated old coconut the size to taste, add sugar to the grated coconut, so that it tastes even more delicious.

then stir the mashed bananas with the grated coconut just now until evenly distributed, when it's ready to stir, start serving your cooking to your family, see, how they react...
good luck.


My goal is to upload this image, just to ask all of you readers in the Friday @Market-group.

do we think we should sell it???
presumably at a relatively cheap price, as long as there is input in just a day.
I ask for instructions from you readers, so that they will always be a motivation for us small entrepreneurs.


and also, what price should we open in one portion,
so that customers are happy and enjoy.
please don't be bullied, this is just my input to motivate myself.
greetings friday all.