Unboxing My Dream Gaming Laptop|| Gaming With Jazz


When I started YouTube, I always wanted to play newer games but I didn't own a gaming laptop nor a console. Today
is a dream come true. I finally met my goal of getting a gaming PC. At least I can play the Sims and Roblox without lag
and I can use an Elgato for my PS4 without any issues. I will be unboxing my laptop and doing a test with a Roblox game
that lagged so badly on my standard desktop and couldn't even get into the game due to crashing on my standard laptop.
I got the HP Gaming Pavilion Laptop.

Intel Core i5 10300H
CPU 2.50 Gz
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050

Disk space 250GB ( I have an external SSD Drive For More Space)
. I told the guy at target I game on PS4 mostly and need something to run Roblox and the sims
plus I can run OBS without any lag. I render videos in Adobe premiere pro in like 30 mins or less.
Here is how the game runs the sims 4 with 5 DLCs and 1 page of CC outfits so far ( I will add more mods/outfits according to what I need

I can play the sims on high settings.

This is the Sims 3 on my non-gaming laptop. I don't have a Sims 3 with the new computer up yet, however, the performance is amazing.
I will have a blog post up soon about all of the equipment I use. Although the Sims 3 lags on even new machines bc the game are not optimized for newer GPUS. If you see someone playing the Sims 3 with no lag, they added mods to improve the game and clean out junk files often.

TS3W 2021-03-11 16-19-54-02.bmp

Here is a screenshot I took with the game on high graphics on the new gaming laptop.