Studio Pro Webcam Xtreme Tech Unboxing + Test


Today I will be unboxing a webcam that I got from Menard's. I will also do a test and comparison to a webcam I bought at 5 Below. I 100% recommend this webcam
for YouTube, Twitch, Zoom, etc. I compare a Studio Pro webcam with a webcam I bought from 5 Below to see which is better. The Studio pro comes with a 1080P 1920x1018 resolution.
The 5 below webcam is not in full screen and it's hard to get my upper body in the shot. All I can get in the shot is my head. It was hard getting the Menards webcam in focus vs the studio pro webcam
0:00 unboxing
1:00 set up in OBS
2:19 5 below vs our new webcam
3:59 closing statement

I'm starting to roll in better gear for YouTube. however, since I prerecord and edit videos befoe hand, it will a minute before I can apply those changes.