Checking the Fact Checkers


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Chris Martenson of has been at the forefront of the #plandemic for years now.
His videos cover a multitude of different angles to approach understanding what is being done to all good people on the earth.

This latest video of his is timely and includes great background researching of these particular fact checking operations, the individuals behind them and their so-called academic credentials. Names, institutions, faces and places... take note of the same for future research.

It's no coincidence that the United Nations and UNESCO has been building a counter narrative over the years as a bulwark against the eventual firestorm of truth & justice which will befall them. (July 2019)

Indeed, their holier-than-thou rhetoric has been ramping up in the last week or so:

APFactCheck & Twitter
Keep an eye on this muckraking factraker from AFPFactCheck. I was on twitter when his tweet regarding clinical safety testing of mRNA gene tech injections was recommended to me. I started replying not realizing he made this tweet in May 2021.
So Twitter is working in tandem with factrakers to recognize and then recommend prior fackraker tweets when an analysis of current trending topics indicates there's a re-emergence of criticism or skepticism.

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