Reading List September 2023

Reading List September 2023

This is a list of all the books & assorted texts I'm partway through reading as of September 2023

  1. Behavior Control by Perry London (1969)

    The Table of Contents is proof as to why anyone and everyone should be aware of this book's existence.

  2. The Next Thirty Years - Concepts and Anticipations by Frederick Emery (a partial reproduction of a paper published in Human Relations, 20:199-237, 1967)

  3. Terrorism and the Illuminati by David Livingstone (2007)
    a mammoth work of chronological detail and historical expansiveness covering ancient to modern times, and the persistence of secret initiatory societies throughout.

  4. Hitler - A Chronology of His Life and Time by Milan Hauner (Second Revised Edition, 2005)
    A recent find made possible due to a screenshot posted online in a thread regarding hypnosis. The chronological format of this text makes it an essential reference for any world war 2 or Third Reich historian. Comfortable to read through as a novice to the subject also.

  5. Adolf Hitler - Enemy of the German People by Michael Hoffman (2019)
    Hoffman is a warrior of historical revisionism and works such as this challenge every core axiom once held as true. I haven't progressed far through it yet am already astounded to learn of a memory-holed German text from the 17th century that predates the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, and carries far more credence.

  6. The Call of Cthulhu - And Other Weird Tales by H.P. Lovecraft (2011)
    I found this book at a bus stop where a free community library (take one - leave one) was erected under the bus stop's canopy. Only read a handful of Lovecraft's short stories but he has a wonderfully enjoyable grasp of the English language.
    From an era where language, poetry, evocation was a high art. Much like Edgar Allan Poe, or Mervyn Peake.

  7. The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome by Michael Hoffman (2017)
    This book was difficult to acquire in printed form in my country. So when my regular searching returned one available copy, I purchased it. It's boggling in breadth and thoroughness of historical revisionist & epistemological analysis.

  8. Political Ponerology - The Science of Evil, Psychopathy, and the Origins of Totalitarianism by Andrew M. Lobaczewski (Foreward by Michael Rectenwald, Edited by Harrison Koehli, 2022)

  9. Technocracy Rising - The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation by Patrick M. Wood (2015)

  10. Shadow Masters - How governments and their intelligence agencies are working with international drug dealers and terrorists for mutual benefit and profit by Daniel Estulin (2010)

  11. Open Source Intelligence Techniques - Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information by Michael Bazzell (sixth edition, 2018)
    This amazing book is now up to it's tenth edition, which I've purchased on a whim.

  12. Baphomet - The Temple Mystery Unveiled by Tracy R Twyman & Alexander Rivera (2016)
    The most complete investigation into the historical, mythological and esoteric origins of the Baphomet deity. Endlessly fascinating and certain to flip your understanding of humanity's dedication towards the millenia-old pursuit of the Mysteries of the Ages
    I do not recommend purchasing a new copy of this book due to ongoing copyright lawsuits.

  13. The Thirteenth Tribe - Arthur Koestler (1976)
    More historical revisionism, this time centering on the "13th Tribe of Israel" known as the Khazars who settled near where Ukraine is today.


Quite a reading list. I find it interesting that Hoffman has published the 'Hitler - Enemy of the German People'. Upon reflection I realized that myself. Hitler had been a firm supporter of Communism and served time in prison for it, only to gain unlimited financial support from Zionists upon his release and forming the Nazi party by combining National Socialist with Zionist (Na+Zi), and then proceeding to effect a genocide of the German people by losing a war against the entire world. I had to realize his achievement was the most complete destruction of Germany that could have been conceived.

Apparently I am not the only person to come to this conclusion.



He was fit for purpose. Not necessarily a bad man, but one shaped like clay to become a multi-generational archetypal golem of all that's nasty and bad.

No wonder so many internet saturated youths idolize him.

only to gain unlimited financial support from Zionists upon his release and forming the Nazi party.

So I've heard and listened to others say. Apparently he met some hardcore secret society (perhaps Le Circe?) fascists in Zurich sometime in the 1920's to receive a first round of funding for The Third Reich?